Step Inside The Chelsea Pig


This October, we opened our first pub and restaurant – The Chelsea Pig – just 200 metres from our global flagship at Bluebird in London. So, come in from the cold, take your coat off, and have a look around…


The Chelsea Pig is one of Chelsea’s most historic and best loved pubs. The current building was built in 1892 but the site was formerly home to another pub called The Black Lion, dating back to the late 17th century.


Founder Tim Oulton has always been driven by a passion to create inspiring spaces where people can connect and have a great experience, and The Chelsea Pig is a natural extension of this philosophy.


All fittings and furnishings, as well as the overall design of The Chelsea Pig, have been conceived and fabricated in the same workshops used for the creation of Timothy Oulton’s distinctive furniture collections.


The design takes inspiration from the grand era of Victorian exploration and the story of Darwin’s journey around the globe on HMS Beagle. Paying homage to an age of scientific discovery and adventure, carefully crafted details incorporate ideas from natural history, minerals, geology and other curiosities.

Arriving into the informal yet richly immersive bar and ground floor, guests are welcomed by Derek the Diver in his vintage-inspired diving suit, housed in a custom-built columnar aquarium complete with sea kelp.

Polished steel magnifying glasses bejewel the traditional timber wall panelling, illuminating a collection of colourful bugs and butterflies, inspired by the Natural History Museum. A burnt timber and aged silver bar beckons guest to enjoy a craft cocktail. 


Quintessential British design and craftsmanship blends with whimsical details at every turn. The cosy gathering spot by the fireplace features Timothy Oulton’s signature Jack’dN Brok’n chesterfield sofa, hand-painted with the Union Flag and heavily distressed by hand. An antique Goyard trunk serves as a drinks table, part of an irreverent antiques collection personally procured by founder Tim Oulton, and a wall of silver vintage bells invites conversation.

Dining tables are handcrafted in an immensely tactile mix of burnt timber, black marble, aged silver and brass, with comfortable Mimi Quilt dining chairs and Fibi dining chairs in buttery soft leathers and Angeles barstools in sumptuous black velvet.

A narrow staircase leads you up to the first floor dining room - known as the Trophy Room for its collection of vintage cups, shields and sporting trophies adorning the oak panelled walls. It’s the perfect hidden gem to while away hours over gourmet food and fine wine.

Every material has been carefully chosen to invigorate the senses. The existing timber panelled walls were retained and painted black while floors are laid with English reclaimed mahogany parquet and  adorned with vintage rugs. Thick, regal velvet curtains frame each window, and Crystal chandeliers from the Timothy Oulton Collection add atmospheric sparkle and glow together with Crossglass pendants and Selenite wall sconces, made using shards of natural selenite crystals.


Emphasising Timothy Oulton’s skills in both interiors and creating a great atmosphere, The Chelsea Pig is built around the concept of “handcrafted hospitality”. Classic British dishes are revisited with modern flair, prepared with authentic, fresh ingredients of select provenance. Celebrating the unique relationship shared between a thoughtful host and a treasured guest, The Chelsea Pig exudes warmth, hospitality and charm.

“When you have a great night it’s beyond the food and drink”, says founder Tim Oulton. “It’s the setting, the atmosphere, the service - it’s all of these things that make it memorable, and that’s what we’re focussed on in The Chelsea Pig. It’s about preparing for a guest, anticipating needs, in the way you design a space and an occasion.”


Located just 200 metres from Timothy Oulton’s flagship gallery at Bluebird, The Chelsea Pig can be found at 35 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 5BS. Open daily from 12pm until 11.30pm.