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Nest: The World’s Most Comfortable Sofa


October 2023

When designing the Nest sofa, Tim Oulton's design process constantly came back to this question: What would the world’s most comfortable sofa look like and what would it feel like?

disarming comfort

sink in, let go

The proportions are beautifully conceived, lending Nest an innate presence in a room, while its simple lines and modularity make it easy to work into almost any space. Its simplicity is also open and inviting. But then the feathers kick in with such an all-consuming and enveloping feel-it's so relaxed and effortless. It's an almost contradictory combination of presence and effortlessness.

A blend of premium goose feathers and the finest, softest goose down creates thousands of pockets of air between each feather. When you sit, your body sinks in, your shoulders drop, your neck relaxes. We call it disarming comfort-your soul is relaxed, and you go to another place.

oasis sectional

Should you prefer a firmer seat with some more support, you can opt for Nest with a feather and down-wrapped foam seat cushion. Or there is the other option of the Oasis sectional, with a feather and down-wrapped foam seat cushion. The rake of Oasis is slightly more upright than Nest, the back is higher, and the arms have a gentle slope to them for a more classic silhouette.

Nest and Oasis (and Realm - not available in the US) are part of our Noble Souls Collection, named to honour the craftsmen and craftswomen whose ancient techniques inspired the collection.


Ancient craft

Organic veg dyes

Noble Souls is the world's FIRST full sofa range to be dyed exclusively with organic, vegetable dyes. Using natural dyes at this scale is a delicate and complex process and we are proud to be the only company in the world to currently offer this.

In order to understand the ancient process of veg-dyeing linens, Tim Oulton travelled to a remote village in the Dong region of China, where for generations, the women have been weaving fabric on traditional looms and dyeing it with the indigo from the mountains. The colour intensity is achieved through the number of times the linen is dipped into the dye.

the magic of indigo


A choice of colourways is offered on our Noble Souls sofas. Sol Linen and Zephyr Linen are 100% pure Belgium linens, dyed naturally using only plant extracts. Indigo is used for the blues, madder root is used for the lavender colour, and gallnuts from oak trees are used for the greys and blacks. For a more neutral scheme, white and natural hues are also available.

To complement the sofas, a range of Salve cushions is offered, made by the craftswomen of the same Dong village that Tim visited. The cushions are coloured using the locally grown indigo, and are available in various patterns and sizes.