Just as every dog has its day, every occasional table has its own unique use too.


Occasional tables for every home

From a simple rest for your favourite read to an impromptu bar, a casual seat when you’re entertaining to an ad-hoc workstation – choose wisely, and your occasional table will become an invaluable addition to your home.  Here are six of our favourite side tables, ready to take their place in the spotlight.


Are You Sitting Comfortably?

The best nights are the ones that are unplanned – those wonderful “all back to mine” nights. To accommodate those quiet evenings that evolve into party nights, choose the Marble Cube Side Table – an occasional table that works overtime to transform into a chic stool… just add your favourite cushion.

Cool and classic, a marble table never goes out of style, and our Marble Cube tables intentionally keep things simple, with a sleek shape that won’t date or detract from your existing decorative style. We think marble looks best in monochrome, so we offer our table in bold black or serene white – both polished to a smooth finish, and rich with organic marble detailing that adds depth to this understated piece.


Games Night

Take your chances on a lucky streak. Whether you’re rolling dice or dealing cards, our Stonyhurst Side Table will keep everything steady, even when your nerves are anything but.

This elegant travel-inspired trunk is transformed into a statement side table; its expansive surface making the ideal arena to let the games commence. Finished in a choice of timeless leathers, metals or even flag fabrics from both sides of the Atlantic, Stonyhurst’s tonal studs, canvas lining and distinctive wooden banding detail add to its rakish vintage charm. With three deep drawers, this trunk will easily stow away your games – just as soon as the last player folds.


All Grown Up

While many of us can only dream of nurturing houseplants to maturity, we give a (green) thumbs up to those who are able to keep their plants alive. Give your fanciest foliage the recognition it deserves with the Spur Small Side Table – a contemporary acknowledgement of nature’s importance in our homes.

We’re not too modest to say that this table is a work of art. A fascinating marriage of textures and tones, Spur is made from individual branches of raw driftwood collected from all over the world, each with its own unique shape and character. This wood is then encased within clear liquid acrylic, preserving those pieces for eternity in a beautiful, practical piece of furniture. This occasional table is available in either natural driftwood or burntwood finishes, and also comes with an optional LED panel for a striking light effect. Accessorise with your lushest plant life and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature.


Mix It Up

Perfectly accessorised with a chrome cocktail shaker, an ice bucket and tongs, and a twist of creativity, the Polar Side Table exudes understated glamour, letting your mixology skills do the talking at your next party.

Polar gets its cool good looks from carbonstone. This innovative new material is made from recycled quartz fragments that are then transformed back into a solid, crystallised piece. This extraordinary process gives Polar its icy visual depths, with a polished top and matte sides creating a talking-point piece that is tactile as it is good-looking. Available in two sizes to suit your space, shake things up a little with a two-tier drink station, or play it cool with a solo setting.


Flights Of Fancy

Be it Hemmingway, Theroux or even Palin – a good book can transport you anywhere in the world. That’s why we think our Globetrekker Aero Side Table is the perfect partner for any avid reader with a touch of wanderlust.

Inspired by an original 1914 trunk that our founder Tim uncovered at an antiques market, Globetrekker Aero celebrates the golden age of travel. Its curved body has a distressed aluminium finish that is reminiscent of military aircraft, while its wood panelling and sturdy brass hardware evokes a bygone era of adventure and exploration. Choose the two-drawer model to stash your reading glasses and bookmarks without disturbing your reading pile, or opt for the lift-up lid trunk to create a concealed library that’s ideal for smaller spaces.


The Work-Life Balance

As hard as we try to maintain a healthy separation between our home and work, sometimes life gets in the way. The Solitaire Side Table upgrades your usual workstation, providing an ad-hoc space that fits your busy schedule.

Crafted from hand-polished K9 glass, and mounted on a sleek matte black metal frame with a solid marble base, the Solitaire is adaptable and attractive – making those inevitable 10pm email exchanges feel a little less tiresome. Hand-polished with a sophisticated bevelled edge, this occasional table’s surface is clearer than crystal, and possesses a unique light-dispersing quality that belies its strength. Resetting your layout back to out-of-office mode couldn’t be easier; Solitaire works as a single side table, or grouped together to create a multi-faceted gem for your living space.