At the end of a long day, nothing beats sinking into the relaxing arms of a leather sofa. Delivering the perfect balance between style, practicality and comfort, it’s no wonder that quality leather sofas have become such beloved stalwarts of people’s living rooms over the past 200 years.

Discover a leather sofa to love

Leather sofas might not always have been the most inspiring design pieces in the past – but at Timothy Oulton, we’ve shaken things up to create a new generation of stand-out leather sofas, available in a variety of different textures and finishes. We take a look at six of our signature real leather sofas that are certain to create a big impression, whatever the style and size of your living space.


Cool Britannia: Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n Sofa

For a quirky twist on British tradition, look no further than the Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n Sofa. Inspired by the shape and style of a classic chesterfield, this statement-making sofa has been fashioned from the finest aniline leathers, which have been overpainted with the Union Jack design before being artfully distressed by Timothy Oulton’s talented team of master craftsman.

Blending bold modernity with decades-old artisanship, simple wooden and serrated tools are used to score, scratch and break the leather’s surface – creating a totally unique finish that ensures each piece is a true one-of-a-kind. Meanwhile, traditional details like hand-applied studding and buttons (there are 135 buttons on the three-seater sofa alone) bring the perfect dash of English refinement – resulting in what Brits would most definitely term “a right bobby dazzler”. Shrinking wallflowers need not apply; if you’re looking for a living room centrepiece that gets everyone talking for all the right reasons, the Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n is the sofa for you.


Luxurious Lounging: Shabby Sectional Sofa

When your sofa is every bit as comfy as your bed, you know you’re doing something right – and our beautifully-cushioned Shabby Sectional Sofa is practically calling for you to sit back, relax and put your feet up. With a well-deserved reputation as our “ultimate sloucher”, this easy-going charmer features a deep, generous seat and reclined back that deliver pure unadulterated lounging pleasure.

Layers of soft ribs have been stitched into Shabby’s buttery supple, hand-finished leather to create a dapper distinctive look that never dates; we’re rather partial to our array of versatile brown hue finishes, like Savage or Destroyed Raw, for a fresh take on the classic tan leather sofa. Available as either a sectional piece or a stand-alone sofa depending on the size and configurations of your space, this laidback lounger is just the ticket for a guaranteed chill-out, whatever the time of day.


Heaven-Sent Comfort: Nirvana Sectional Sofa

The best kind of sofas are the ones you can happily while away the entire day (and night) on – and with the Nirvana Sectional Sofa, you’ll soon be taking lounging to whole new levels. Featuring airy loft-style proportions, this dreamy piece is designed to create a relaxing haven in the corner of any room, providing generous space for the whole family to sit, lean and lie to their heart’s content.

The key to Nirvana’s blissful levels of comfort? An ingeniously formulated sandwich of multiple-density, high quality foam and fabric layers supported by pocket springs, plus a low casual back and angled cushion arms – creating a piece that is pretty much tailor-made for some serious slouching time. Raw open seams that expose the natural colour of the leather’s hide make for another nifty design detail; choose a finish that is lighter or darker in comparison, like Destroyed Black or Full Rebel tan, to create a striking visual contrast. At the end of a tiring day, Nirvana is exactly the kind of welcome home you need.


Contemporary Classic: Tribeca Tufted Sofa

A modern update on the traditional chesterfield, the Tribeca Tufted Sofa represents an impeccable marriage of old and new – meaning it looks the part in both classic and contemporary surroundings. The chesterfield sofa’s usual curves have been replaced by sumptuous high-framed arms, resulting in a commanding, strong presence that is certain to make its mark in your living space.

Oversized proportions, a painstakingly hand-tufted exterior and a rich leather finish make the Tribeca a true-blue showcase of British sophistication. Plump cosy lounging cushions mean it doesn’t stint on the comfort front either – this is most definitely a sofa made for enjoying life, rather than just admiring looks.


Grown-Up Glamour: Serpentine Sofa

A seductive sofa that boasts curves in all the right places, the Serpentine is an excellent choice to amp up your living room’s glam factor. This lavish take on a fully buttoned-up leather chesterfield sofa features elegant contours and classic hand-tufting – a meticulous process where each button is sewn individually into the sofa’s frame with a needle and thread.

Equal parts irresistible and inviting, the Serpentine oozes opulence, with an undulating curved front that adds a more feminine flair to its timeless silhouette. As ever, we’ve taken care of the finer details too, with leg castors fitted for the utmost convenience, plus immaculate stud detailing on all Serpentine’s leather finishes.


Compact Chic: Reggio High Back Sofa

If you thought leather sofas were only meant for those with gigantic living spaces, think again – the Reggio High Back Sofa proves that good things certainly can come in small packages. Say farewell to extravagant detailing and over-the-top ornamentation; this pocket rocket’s sleek retro aesthetic was inspired by the clean and simple lines of Danish mid-century design.

The ideal sofa for those championing a more minimalist outlook, the Reggio High Back showcases a neat boxy shape, which efficiently utilises space and materials to create smaller – but no less stylish – proportions than your average leather lounger. Slightly worn, hand-finished leather upholstery means this piece doesn’t slack in the comfort stakes either, with matching leather-wrapped legs that finish off its streamlined look in style. An inspired option for rooms where space is at a premium, we recommend opting for leather in a sophisticated monochrome finish, like Old Saddle Black, to really make the most of the Reggio’s minimalist leanings.