Timothy Oulton provides consumers with guidance in creating their own interior styles through the creation of a range of different room concepts. These encompass a range of different themed styles which incorporate Timothy Oulton products and collections.

Gentlemen’s Club
The Gentlemen’s Club rooms are reminiscent of a traditional 19th century English gentlemen’s club – an exclusive enclave where men would gather after a hard day’s work. Encapsulating the heritage and refined opulence of these historic clubs, the rooms feature classic design details with accents of steel finishes for a contemporary touch.

A perfect balance of classic and contemporary, Metro is a sophisticated lounge area designed for the modern-day urbanite. Bauhaus meets 1940s industrial with Metro’s juxtaposition of cool, dark tones, sleek, polished pieces and eclectic decorative objects, while classic finishes and detailing retain an air of vintage polish.

Beat Generation
An eclectic mix of styles, finishes, and textures, the Beat Generation room draws its inspiration from the “Beat