No fabric exudes glamour quite like velvet. Knowingly retro and sumptuously sophisticated, it feels unmistakably opulent whatever the setting – yet also evokes a welcoming warmth and comfort that makes it ideal amidst modern living room furniture.


Velvet sofas for the modern home

Forget threadbare theatre seats and dusty old chaise-lounges – as ever, we’ve put a Timothy Oulton spin on this most timeless of fabrics, yanking it firmly into the 21st century.

Our collection of velvets marks a modern renaissance for this classic material, with vibrant hues and exotic patterns getting their chance to shine. Lavishly soft to the touch with an elegantly short pile and subtle sheen, we particularly love the way that velvet’s nap catches the light in different ways throughout the day – giving it a dramatic shimmer even in the darkest shadows.

If you’re looking to inject your living space with a little va-va-voom, take a look at some of our favourite velvet sofas from our collection – glamour guaranteed.


Serpentine Sofa

The vintage vamp in our family, Serpentine practically oozes allure from every fibre. This fully buttoned-up Chesterfield-style sofa gets a seductive upgrade courtesy of a voluptuously curving front, which gives it a softer, more feminine silhouette – whilst still retaining the refined contours and plush hand-tufting that make the Chesterfield such a classic design.

Although Serpentine has star quality in any colour, we think this temptress looks extra fetching clad in our shimmering Siren Rose velvet. Ultra-lustrous, gorgeously sumptuous and sinuously seductive, dressing Serpentine in this rich scarlet shade evokes an enticing pair of red lips waiting to be kissed, and is certain to add a sensational focal point to any room… Lounging around has never looked quite so good.


Studio Sectional Sofa

Offering super stylish proof that velvet sofas are most certainly not old-fashioned, our sleek Studio Sectional Sofa is the epitome of contemporary cool. One of the newest additions to our collection of luxury sofas, Studio has already won a firm spot on our favourites list thanks to its chic clean lines combined with truly heartfelt comfort. Featuring fully-loaded feather pillows wrapped around a gently supportive core, this is the sofa equivalent of a warm, enveloping hug.

If you want to make Studio even more of a standout, opt for one-of-a-kind upholstery in our very latest velvet finish – Acid Jungle. Bold, bright and beautiful, this visually arresting velvet showcases a riot of luminous blossoms intertwined with lush greenery, all set against a deeply dramatic black backdrop that creates delicious depth and contrast. Shrinking violets need not apply; this is the perfect print for the urban jungle, and the perfect sofa on which to lay back and let your imagination run wild (roaring optional).


Shabby Sectional Sofa

One of our signature sectional sofas, the Shabby Sectional Sofa is a dedicated sloucher, who brings out its softer side when clad in velvet. Beautifully cushioned with deep, plush layers of soft ribs, this designer sofa’s generous proportions and gently reclined back combine to create the ultimate in lounge-worthy comfort. Shabby’s popularity lies in its versatility; choose a two, three or four-seater section to create a comfortable stand-alone velvet sofa, or combine as many sections as you like into a luxuriously large corner sofa.

We love Shabby wrapped in our imaginative and texturally fascinating Faded and Degraded velvet collection. Created in collaboration between Tim Oulton and Australian fabric designer Kerrie Brown, each of the collection’s four unique designs – Melting Paisley, Persia in Decline, Peat Smudge and Peeling Ceiling – are individually prepared to fit each fabric panel at the pattern stage. This attention to detail captures the essence of the velvets’ glorious designs, creating a bold, statement sofa with character to spare.


Lux Sofa

Live a Lux life with our sleek velvet sofa, which offers refined styling that you’re not afraid to kick your feet up onto. An enduring design that offers solid support from the elegant mid-height back and comfortable arm rests, Lux nevertheless brings a modern twist to a familiar style, with plump feather-filled back and scatter cushions that can be moved to create an enveloping nest that will cosset your body. Minimalist wooden legs and a raised profile underscore the modern-luxe feel, creating a sofa that adds sophistication to any home.

The huge variety of fabrics available for Lux means it can be hard to choose the finish to perfectly complement this luxury sofa. However, to our mind, the somewhat understated, elegant and timeless style of Lux is best contrasted with one of our distinctive velvets to create an unexpectedly bold and beautiful statement. Our Revival Velvet in Aqua is just the shade; a gloriously rich, blue jewel tone that evokes the Mediterranean sea, adding a striking pop of colour to the sofa, and creating a focal point in your living space that will continue to spark joy with the passing years.