Last weekend, in the inspiring surrounds of our new Manhattan flagship, we welcomed a crowd of New York’s most stylish chaps and ladies to celebrate A Night of Finer Things.



It was a mild fall evening, the working day had been put to bed and the bustle of the city beckoned our guests to 901 Broadway, home to our new US flagship. The new space encompasses the very heart of Timothy Oulton, and we were thrilled to be sharing our home for the evening with five like-minded lifestyle partners, showcasing everything from traditional tailoring to luxury grooming, premium gin and whisky tasting, and the finest cigars.


Guests were greeted in signature Timothy Oulton style by our British royal guards at the door, dressed in their traditional bearskin hats and red jackets. Once inside, it was a true immersion in the unique and creative world of Timothy Oulton. Everyone explored and made themselves at home on our handcrafted leathers sofas or congregated at the Art Deco-inspired moonstone bar, stopping to admire Derek the Diver, submerged in his fish tank, or our special edition Apollo spaceship, where guests could sit and enjoy a glass of champagne served by hosts in bowler hats and vintage bowties.


Speaking of dapper attire, British shirtmaker and Royal Warrant holder Turnbull and Asser had joined us for the evening to display their luxurious shirts and ties. Founded in 1885 in London, Turnbull and Asser are a family run business steeped in heritage and traditional craftsmanship, sharing similar values to Timothy Oulton. And in another celebration of fine craftsmanship, The Art of Shaving showcased their array of premium grooming products, expertly blending essential oils such as sandalwood and bergamot with natural botanical ingredients.


Lured by the heady aroma of Cohiba’s world-class cigars, some made their way to the Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n sofa to savour the brand’s Royale, Red Dot and Connecticut cigars, handmade using deeply-aged hand-selected tobacco. Elsewhere in the gallery, whisky glasses were clinking as The Balvenie bestowed upon us some of their finest whisky, distilled in the beautiful Speyside region of Scotland. Gin tasting also proved a popular stop at the Rex sideboard with fellow Scottish distillers Hendricks, whose unusual premium gin is distinctive for its curious yet harmonious infusions of cucumber and rose.


The atmosphere was buzzing, the wine was flowing, and the chatter was as abundant. It was then time for our grand prize draw with one lucky winner taking home a selection of prizes from each of our partners, including a Timothy Oulton leather Thomas Sleeve, part of our personal accessories collection available at the gallery.


As the evening came to a close we doffed our bowler hats to wonderful evening, celebrating the more stylish side of life.


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