We’ve all been there – a casual get-together with friends over nibbles and a quick tipple gradually turns into a night you’ll remember for years to come. And what element is so often instrumental in helping to produce those fun-filled evenings? A great dining table, of course.


Six Wooden Dining Tables To Suit Any Style

When it comes to creating the sort of convivial and downright cosy space in which your guests will want to linger, you really can’t beat an oak dining table. Made for elbows, sharing platters and yes, even the odd spill here and there, here are just a few of our favourite wooden dining tables designed for socialising.


Georgian Architectural Dining Table

Looking for an heirloom piece to pass down to your children? We think that the chunky Georgian Architectural Dining Table’s considerable heft and superior craftsmanship makes it appealingly imposing and, dare we say it, virtually indestructible too.

Georgian Architectural is crafted from genuine English timber reclaimed from disused buildings around the UK. Much of this wood is over a century old, meaning that every table is completely unique, with its own distinct story, heritage, and even timber colour.  Available in two sizes perfect for gatherings large and small, this classic rectangular table is traditional enough in design to make a statement, but contemporary enough to fit most modern décor. Choose additional protection with the optional marble top, or keep things classic in traditional reclaimed wood; the grandeur of this wooden dining table makes every meal fit for a king.


Causeway Dining Table

Another reclaimed wood dining table from our curated collection, but this time with a more contemporary look, the Causeway Dining Table is an unabashedly British design, which draws on the classic architecture of the UK to create a practical, solid and overwhelmingly handsome piece of furniture.

The Causeway’s clean, fuss-free lines make it equally at home in a minimalist loft as it is in a manor house, with an understated shape and construction that are perfectly complemented by its rustic, vintage-inspired brickwork pattern tabletop. Much like the Victorian terraced homes that line the streets of every British city, these bricks are built to last, weathering over time to become an intrinsic element of your home’s decorative landscape. This timeless design has an added benefit for those who love to entertain – its hidden extension piece upgrades your seating arrangements, turning your table for six into dinner for ten in an instant. Simply slide Causeway’s extension smoothly into place, and you’re ready to host your guests in comfort and classic British style.


Vestige Classic and Vestige Industrial Dining Tables

Here at Timothy Oulton, we’re always mindful of using our furniture materials wisely in order to create our classic British furniture in the most responsible way possible. That’s why we believe that our Vestige Dining Tables are the perfect marriage of high-quality design and conscious craftsmanship, and we hope that you’ll agree.

Our artisans skilfully create each Vestige table using offcuts of genuine reclaimed English timber sourced from disused mills and distilleries, timber that is imbued with the legacy of the UK’s industrial heritage. Far from seeing these pieces as simply waste wood, our creative team view them as unique shards of British history, ready to be given a new lease of life as they are pieced together into a totally original piece of furniture. Choose the Vestige Classic, which features sturdy iron legs, or the Vestige Industrial, with rugged iron edging that perfectly complements the natural patina of the reclaimed timber tabletop.


Axel MK2 and Axel Parquet MK2 Dining Tables

Two more of our signature pieces, both suffused with history of a different kind; the wood that comprises our Axel tables began its life at sea, enduring many years of hard labour sailing the oceans, before eventually finding their way into our workshops, and eventually, the heart of our customers’ homes. Crafted from decommissioned Chinese fishing junks, the entire Axel furniture collection features the sort of authentic weather-beaten detailing that only years of exposure to the elements could ever possibly achieve.

The Axel MK2 is a classic wooden dining table with a twist. Each piece of wood is reclaimed from the junk boats’ hulls, beams and decking, meaning that every single length of timber used is a one-off – completely unique in its colour, grain and texture. The vintage boat wood tabletop is available in either round or rectangular styles, and is offset with contemporary industrial iron legs, for a sturdy yet modern finish that’s built to last.

Meanwhile, the Axel Parquet MK2 builds on Axel’s original design, but offers a parquet finish, comprising single small pieces of wood combined into one cohesive piece to make up the tabletop. This block-work design is full of character and offers a slightly more even finish when compared to the original Axel table. Available in round and rectangular styles, Axel Parquet comes with the same stylish weathered iron legs as its counterpart.