When you purchase a piece from Timothy Oulton, you’re getting something way beyond identikit, anonymous assembly-line furniture; we’re proud to say that all our items have been crafted with real heart and soul, with unique personalities to match.


Discovering the inspirations behind our crystal chandelier collection

It can take up to a year for our pieces to go from an initial concept to the final production stage – a true creative collaboration between Tim himself and our design team. We delight in drawing inspiration from everywhere, be it a general architectural style or an actual vintage object we own, and we’re constantly looking at ways to inject fresh energy and excitement into everything from Art Deco elegance to mid-century industrialism.

Want to know more? To illustrate just how eclectic our design process is, here are some of the very different inspirations and visions behind six of our favourite lighting pieces.


La Dolce Vita: Odeon

Whilst some stuffed-shirts might insist that items firmly adhere to certain time periods for the sake of historical accuracy, we’re firm believers that the best way of respecting tradition is to shake things up a little – which is exactly why our Odeon series of chandelier lights takes its inspiration from two very different eras of Italian design.

This creation is intended as a modern-day take on the majestic Venetian glass prism chandeliers from the 1960s, whilst also throwing in a further dash of classical greatness inspired by the Colosseum – with nods to the dramatic tiered seating and legendary circular form of this feat of Roman architecture. We’ve then brought things bang up to date by using a frame of natural unfinished iron, a raw contemporary touch that contrasts brilliantly with the old-school opulence of Odeon’s crystals (there are over 380 drops of optical-grade glass in the large pendant alone). Fittingly for a piece that draws on so many historical styles, Odeon is constantly evolving over time too – and is now available in a range of equally stunning iterations, including a table lamp, floor lamp, rectangular pendant and marble pendant.


One For The History Books: Crossglass

You might have noticed that we’re big on craftsmanship here at Timothy Oulton, thanks to a passionate and highly-skilled team of artisans who hand-finish all our creations – and our Crossglass Pendant crystal ceiling lights are exactly the kind of piece that would be literally impossible without their talent. This creation was inspired by the time-honoured technique of glass extrusion, a process invented back in the 1800s; here, glass is extruded through a hollow die and then polished by hand to produce Crossglass’ beautiful signature curves.

Marrying 17th-century invention with a dose of 21st-century sophistication, the design itself is inspired by a vintage piece of classic Italian design, with sweeping arcs of crystal clear glass overlapped onto an octagonal base – a wonderful example of how we breathe “old life” into new things, in truly spectacular style.


Cocktail O’ Clock: Syphon

Add some fizz to your home with our Syphon Pendant light. This quirky little number was inspired by 1920s vintage soda syphons, used by barmen back in the day to add bubbles to your beverages.

This piece is all about playing with pattern; our designers covered Syphon’s glass core with a fine wire mesh that disperses the light as it shines through it, creating a softly dappled effect on its surrounding walls. With just the flick of a switch, you’ll find the mood of your room subtly but strikingly transformed thanks to this captivating lighting, making for a laidback ambience that’s best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand – cheers!


Lights, Camera, Action: Rex

Our Rex collection is a love letter to the golden age of glamour – the Art Deco period. With its sparkling array of beautiful optical-grade glass prisms, this crystal chandelier series perfectly evokes all the romance, elegance and extravagance of the era… but of course, it wouldn’t be Timothy Oulton without a few surprises.

In this case, we’ve contrasted the razzle-dazzle of the crystals with an industrial iron frame, complete with welder’s marks – resulting in a vintage-meets-contemporary mash-up that’s every inch as show-stopping as an Old Hollywood actress. Indeed, is it any surprise that the collection is actually named after England’s historic Rex cinema, which was also renowned for its stunningly beautiful chandeliers? Whether you opt for the Rex pendant light, diamond chandelier or floor lamp, we guarantee your interior’s glam factor will receive an infinite boost with one of these stunners.


The Perfect Pivot: Flex

Tim is something of a vintage collector himself – and it was one of his own pieces picked up at auction, a reading lamp from the 1970s, that directly inspired the sleek streamlined look of our Flex Floor Lamp.

In contrast to some of our more intricate creations, the beauty of Flex lies in its simplicity. We’ve taken the industrial aesthetic of fluorescent tube lighting but given it a more mellow personality, using modern LEDs that radiate a soft, relaxing glow. We also made it fully adjustable, meaning you can pivot the lamp to exactly the angle you need it – the ideal reading light for any lingering late nights when you just can’t put down that great book.


The Fabulous Fifties: Globe

Our Globe Pendant is inspired by another piece from Tim’s personal collection, this time a classic 1950s holophane streetlight. As ever, it’s never a case of simply copying items; instead, we cherry-pick the most evocative elements of a vintage design and then mix them up with new references – guaranteeing a totally fresh creation that’s unmistakeably our own.

Whilst Globe’s cast glass sphere and distinctive grid texture pay deliberate homage to the industrial stylings of Tim’s original European mid-century light, we’ve used a finish of smoked glass and an iridescent petrol-metal dome to add an eye-catchingly contemporary twist. And who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Because we’ve also created a clear glass version with a brass dome, for those who prefer a more classically-inspired look.