Your mission: to scour the earth for the perfect Father’s Day gift, something sleek, suave, and sophisticated. A bold, ballsy gift that speaks to his inner James Bond – refined yet rugged, measured yet daring, traditional – but with a rebellious streak.

In the fast paced world of the modern gentleman, his own time is sacred. He needs a red-blooded yet elegant retreat to reflect and recharge: the perfect chair to contemplate his next move, accessories that both inspire him when he’s alone and spark a conversation when he’s entertaining like-minded companions.  Authentic pieces that speak of adventure and purpose…

4 Bond-esque Traits of the Quintessentially Modern Gent (and the Perfect Gifts to Match)

The Risk Taker

“…Goldfinger could not have known that high tension was Bond’s natural way of life and that pressure and danger relaxed him.”
Ian Fleming, Goldfinger

Many a modern gent thrives under pressure and when it comes to relaxing at home, he requires the vanguard of chairs to plan his next challenge from. Speed and exhilaration meet in the Aviator Tomcat chair, blending inspiration from a Grumman F14 cockpit with the great British Supermarine Spitfire. He who dares wins.

The Social Sophisticate

“He lit his cigar and sat back at peace with the world.”

Evelyn Waugh

For some gentleman, a cigar is a form of escapism, for others it’s a ceremony of winning. Either way, enjoying a cigar amongst friends symbolizes the finer things life has to offer. For the cigar lover, the collectible All-in-humidor ensures each precious cigar will be savoured at its very best while capturing attention with its unique playing card design.

At The Top of His Game

“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Every modern gentleman’s home should be well equipped for a games night, a chance to catch up with friends over a few drinks and indulge in some light competition. Crafted in laser-cut steel and backlit for effect, the Hustle wall art brings a little casino atmosphere to the evening. Get your game face on.

Always Dressed to Kill

“You don’t find a style. A style finds you.”

Keith Richards

The briefcase was once the foundation of a gentleman’s attire, and where would Bond be without his attaché case modified by Q Branch. Today’s modern gent requires a case that’s both classic and enduring to accompany him throughout the day’s adventures. The Raleigh Spitfire case fits the bill in hand-distressed riveted aluminium, lined with printed suedette plane blueprints. Tradition, with a Bond-worthy twist.

We hope that your mission was successful. Until the next time Mr Bond…