If you’re looking to creating an inviting hub in your home, then start with a great dining table. For many people, a wooden table is the only way to go ­– be that a contemporary reclaimed wood table that adds character to your dining space, or a classic oak table that exudes inviting, tactile warmth.


Caring for your wood table

Whatever your preference, providing the correct care for your wood will extend its lifespan, condition the wood and deepen its lustre, ensuring that your wood table becomes a living heirloom piece that you will treasure. We take a look at four distinctly different tables from the Timothy Oulton dining range, and explain how best to be good to your wood.


Axel Dining Table

Aged by the oceans and buffed smooth by the four winds, the Axel Dining Table’s reclaimed wooden surface has weathered the high seas, meaning that the most raucous dinner party will pose no problem.  A captivating fusion of industrial metal and old world wood reclaimed from the hulls, decking and beams of traditional Chinese fishing junks, Axel weaves its very own story.

Each Axel table is hand-finished and due to its natural weathering, you can expect some surface cracking to appear over time. As with each and every one of us, this aging process should be seen as a sign of character, rather than a flaw, and embraced as a sign of a life well lived. To keep Axel looking shipshape, gently wipe the surface of the wood with a soft, damp cloth and diluted detergent after each use, and mop up spills as they occur to prevent staining. Conditioning oils may also be applied to help keep stains at bay; however, it should be noted that this will permanently alter the wood’s natural colour, so if in doubt, always consult a specialist before proceeding.


Causeway Dining Table

For those social occasions where a lazy lunchtime with friends extends well into the afternoon, look to Causeway, a wooden dining table with plenty of space to be sociable. Crafted from chunky English timber salvaged from disused barns and distilleries – some of which dates back over a century – and finished in a tactile rustic brickwork pattern, Causeway is the epitome of easy dining.

Incorporating a clever hidden extension piece that simply clicks into place with a one-handed operation, Causeway will comfortably seat 10-12 people when extended, depending on the model that you select – and keeping your table in great condition is every bit as easy-going. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals, which may damage natural wood, and steer clear of furniture polish, which can build up over time, leaving an unsightly residue. We suggest using coasters and placemats to guard against marks, scratches and heat damage; however, severe stains may be removed by gentle buffing with a very fine-grade sandpaper (we recommend 320-grit), followed by a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Once again, if you are in any doubt, please consult a professional, who can help you to ensure that Causeway looks as effortlessly stylish at every get-together for years to come.


Scorched Dining Table

Painstakingly created by Timothy Oulton’s craftsmen using a traditional Japanese wood preservation technique known as Shou-Sugi Ban, the Scorched Dining Table is certain to set your world on fire. Every timber plank that is used in the construction of this satin-black wooden table is hand-charred by our own team of expert woodworkers, forming a natural protective coating that is as tactile as it is striking. This arresting black tabletop meets its aesthetic match with an architectural dark bronze frame, adding a sense of weight to Scorched’s singular timber design.

Available in two sizes to suit your space, this wood table’s charred finish gives it a certain degree of natural waterproofing, meaning that the elegant table-top should remain in great condition, with just a quick wipe down. Acidic or high alkaline cleansers should be avoided as they can discolour the table’s unique charred finish; you should also steer clear of any products containing alcohol, bleach, petroleum, or ammonia. A gentle detergent and warm water is all you need to keep Scorched looking at its best.


Georgian Architecture Dining Table

Prefer to dine like nobility every night? Look no further than the Georgian Architecture – a dining room heavyweight that is made for hospitable dinners, lively drinks, and plenty of elbows on the table. Warm, welcoming and made for sharing, the Georgian Architecture wood table is created from genuine reclaimed English timber salvaged from heritage buildings. As such, every piece is completely unique in both pattern and tone, and is available either in an all-wood, or a marble-topped finish.

When it comes to maintenance, the Georgian Architecture table couldn’t be easier. Avoid discolouration by ensuring that you always clean the entire tabletop, rather than focusing on a single spot, and sporadically rotate any items that you keep on the table, as air and sunlight will alter the colour of natural wood over time. Maintaining a consistent level of humidity in the home not only keeps things comfortable, but also prevents seasonal expansion of your wooden furniture, helping to prevent warping and deep cracks from forming (although some small cracks are natural and help to give each piece its own unique character).


With just a few simple steps, your wooden dining table will continue to be the heart of your home for every future celebration.