Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, and good interior decorating does not discriminate against a lack of square footage. Granted, a smaller home can make fitting in everything you need while maintaining your distinct personality more of a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. With a bit of foresight, you can still have a few luxuries that make a style impact and make your space – however snug – your own.

A common misconception about decorating a small space is that one should steer clear of larger pieces, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Undoubtedly, crowding a tight space with lots of grand furniture will overpower the room and make it feel even smaller – the key is to limit yourself to one or two statement items, be that furniture, lighting, an ornament or piece of art. With the right selection, you’ll create impact, lending character to the space using a single object, rather than a disparate collection of different pieces.

Two key areas to consider when decorating any home – big or small – are lighting, and an armchair where you can curl up with a good book. They’re also good places to look to for adding some high drama or a subtle touch of personal style when dressing up a tight space. Here we’ve rounded up some of our favourite modern chandeliers and leather armchairs from our collection to add the final touch to your home – whatever its size.


Leather Armchairs That Pack A Stylish Punch

Every home needs a cosy reading nook, and integral to that is a good, comfortable leather armchair. An obvious consideration when choosing a chair for a small space is to shop for one with a small footprint – look for narrow sides and snug upholstery, adding statement cushions for extra comfort. Frame cut-outs, or a raised seat profile will also give the illusion of the armchair taking up less space than it does. And while you may aspire to a classic high leather wingback chair, you may also wish to consider designs with a slightly lower back to avoid a crowded look. Here are our picks:


Professor Chair

If you really don’t have much room to spread out, opt for this Timothy Oulton classic. The Professor Chair’s short rounded back, low arms, and tapered frame and legs give it a lovely, compact silhouette. Opt for Professor as a classic brown leather armchair – this contrasts perfectly with the vibrant woven kilim print on the underside of the seat cushion.


Professor Spitfire Chair

This is the chair for those who love Professor’s trim good looks, but also fancy adding a touch of steampunk to their space. Inspired by the World War II fighter plane from which the chair takes its name, Professor Spitfire’s riveted aluminium panels give a distinctly industrial flavour to this chair.


Mars MK3 Chair

Continuing with the steampunk aesthetic, the sculptural Mars MK3 armchair looks simultaneously futuristic, yet is also clearly inspired by the Art Deco movement. With a raised seat and large cut-outs from the shiny steel frame, this design tricks the eye into thinking the armchair is smaller than it is.


Modern Chandeliers For That Wow Factor

Lighting is something one should always consider early on in the decorating process, as it can truly make or break a room. As with furniture, many people mistakenly believe that they should avoid bold fixtures such as chandeliers when lighting their small home. Again, the key factor here is to choose one statement piece and allow this to shine, rather than forcing it to compete with other daring designs. A striking modern chandelier will lend a smaller room both personality and ample light, instantly creating a sense of space and providing the eye with a focal point. The take home message? When it comes to lighting, you can most definitely have your cake and eat it too. Here are just a few of our favourite contemporary ceiling lights for inspiration.


Odeon Rectangular Pendant

A sure-fire way to inject high glamour into your home is with a dazzling crystal chandelier. The Odeon’s mid-20th-century modern style is inspired by The Coliseum theatre and looks stunning when mounted over a round dining table. The multi-faceted crystals reflect plenty of light, giving even the most compact home an illusion of space and grandeur. For a more contemporary lighting look, consider the marble version of the Odeon chandelier.


Night Rod Pendant

Another chandelier that comes with dazzling glamour and high drama as standard, this Art Deco-style chandelier features glass prisms packed into a cylindrical plated bronze frame. Mount Night Rod over your dining table or opt for its more contemporary Rectangular Pendant hung in your living room space for a touch of everyday luxe.


Core Pendant

With its barely-there silhouette, this striking pendant is one for the minimalists. Made from recycled quartz, this transparent carbonstone light is perfect for any small space. Arrange a line of Core pendants over your dining area, kitchen bar, or study space for a subtle design feature that shines every bit as bright as its glitzier cousins.