Winter is coming, so layer up and batten down the hatches. No one captures the sheer joy of hibernation better than the Danes, whose concept of hygge encapsulates everything that is good about retreating indoors in the colder months. This most Scandinavian of concepts is all about appreciating the simple pleasures – the cosy contentment found from curling up in your favourite spot with a good book and a soft knitted blanket, the fragrant steam rising from a mug of winter-spiced hot chocolate, or the warm glow that softly emanates from a candlelit nook.

Of course, the right furniture has the power to instantly transform any home into a warm and welcoming space; offering a comfy escape from the outside world as temperatures drop. After all, a gentleman’s home is his castle, and what piece could possibly capture this feeling of domestic pride and contentment better than a Chesterfield armchair?


Pick your perfect Chesterfield armchair

A timeless piece that cradles and cossets, creating a comforting spot in which to mindfully retreat and recharge, a well-made Chesterfield armchair will be with you for years to come. With that in mind, we take a lingering look at just a few of our most attractive armchairs, and invite you to come in from the cold and make yourself comfortable in sumptuous style.


Low and slow: Branco Chair

Our Branco Chair takes many of the typical Chesterfield design elements and plays around a little with the form, giving us this modestly proportioned piece that still has all the comfort of its bigger brothers and sisters. Inspired by the traditional low-slung scale of Georgian-era nursing chairs, Branco’s low profile, curvaceous mid-height back and scalloped edges make for an easy chair that’s just… well, easy.

But don’t be fooled – Branco’s petite stature is no reflection on its opulent detailing. Available in a palette of sumptuous soft linen fabrics or richly burnished leather, Branco more than holds its own in any setting. With clad feet and hand-applied studs, this tufted Chesterfield chair’s thoughtful finishing touches combine to create an inviting cradle in which to settle and soothe even the most winter-weary of bodies.


The standard bearer: Westminster Button One-Seater

A modern Chesterfield chair with classic heritage, the Westminster Button one-seater is exactly the type of distinguished fellow that you would expect to spy in all the right places. Much loved in the most exclusive of private members’ clubs and finest of hotels, this contemporary Chesterfield armchair is a lasting tribute to a classically British design. This deep-buttoned chair is hand-tufted by our craftsmen with a near-obsessive attention to detail, creating an archetypal Chesterfield finish.

Choose an antiquated leather finish for a positively parliamentarian look, or opt for a softer silhouette with one of our range of plain or patterned linen or velvet fabrics. Substantial in both size and comfort, the Westminster Button armchair beckons you in, then stoically and stylishly supports you as you chat, lounge or even sneak a crafty snooze as those long evenings draw in.


The best of both worlds: Westminster Feather One-Seater

Proudly plump and confidently curvaceous, our Westminster Feather armchair is all about abundance, while always remaining in the best possible taste. Another of our modern Chesterfield chairs, Westminster Feather combines foam and feather-filled cushions, without ever sagging or slouching, giving you the best seat in the house. Hand-placed studs and traditional wooden ball feet keep things smart, while conversely, rounded arms invite you to throw a leg casually over the side of your chair for the ultimate in louche lounging.

The Westminster Feather is at once contemporary and classic, reserved and relaxed, and charismatic and comfortable, making it a welcome addition to any home that values both form and function. Whether you prefer to sit in a suit or your slippers, this chair offers cloud-soft comfort, whatever the weather.