Both powered by a passion for authentic handcraftsmanship and beautiful aesthetics, British friends Timothy Oulton and Aston Martin unveil their latest collaboration: the furnishing of Aston Martin’s luxurious Beverly Hills showroom.

Aston Martin’s three pillars of beauty, craft, and art, are echoed in Timothy Oulton’s unique experience-driven furniture collections, and the two brands have enjoyed a long partnership which includes the event furnishing of Aston Martin’s historic Pebble Beach Estate. So when Aston Martin called upon Timothy Oulton to create an inviting pop-up showroom that reflected its British spirit, we said yes straight away.

Located on the corner of Wilshire and Robertson Boulevard, the pop-up is designed to be a welcoming space that feels more like a friend’s living room than a car showroom. Tactile materials put you immediately at ease: soft buttery leathers, long-haired shaggy sheepskin, and the warmth of rich brass, reflecting a philosophy shared by both brands that design should evoke a deep sensory response. The traditional yet irreverent Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n sofa offers visitors a cosy place to sit whilst raising a smile with its ruggedly hand-distressed leather, overpainted with a bold Union Flag. More eclectic pieces: military-inspired Regiment drum side tables, industrially-tinged Gyro Crystal lamps, and an authentic, vintage Suez Canal searchlight from circa 1970, characterise the perfect blend of heritage and modernity embodied by the sleek automobiles on show. The space is infused with personality and warmth, making the whole experience of choosing your new car so much more personal and enjoyable.

Complementing Aston Martin’s mantra for making “beautiful art that is meant to be driven and enjoyed”, Timothy Oulton’s timeless collections are hand-built to last and designed to grow more beautiful with age. So whether you find yourself in the driving seat of the new 2019 Vantage, or putting your feet up on one of our iconic leather sofas, you can relax without worrying about the mileage.