With a passion for creating sparkle and glow, lighting designer and engineer Jane Huang has collaborated with Tim on some of the more complex designs in the Timothy Oulton collection.

Originally hailing from the Sichuan province in China, Jane majored in mechanical design and says, “I see myself as an engineer first and a designer second.” Her methodical approach balances perfectly with Tim’s eye for innovation, which often involves complicated and detailed designs.

After working for many years in lighting design, engineering and quality, Jane was introduced to Tim five years ago and has worked together with him on pieces including the Zig Zag collection, which she describes as “lots of eyes looking at you, swirling beautiful thoughts in your mind”, and the cosmically inspired Rosen Bridge pendant which is one of her favourite designs; “to me it’s like looking at the universe, with the sun in the centre.”

The most complex piece that Jane has worked on together with Tim is the Rex Light dining table, handcrafted from 400 prisms of K9 optical glass and lit from within like a glamorous Art Deco chandelier. She says, “The structure is extremely complex, it takes a lot of time. The K9 glass we use is very special, the prisms are almost diamond-like in appearance, and it has incredible light dispersion qualities, you get this rainbow effect when the light shines through it.”

The Timothy Oulton lighting collection takes its cue from a wide range of influences, from modern to classic, with both feminine and masculine elements. For every design, materials are the starting point. Jane explains, “The authentic, quality materials and detailed hand-finishing are fundamental to Timothy Oulton, what we make is very impressive in the market. The sheer size of some of our pieces makes them extraordinarily complex to achieve, it takes an enormous amount of skill and experience, and many hours of course, but this is what sets Timothy Oulton apart.”

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