One of the coolest private lounges around, Apollo is Timothy Oulton’s bespoke, creative juggernaut. 


Since first touching down at Milan Design Week in 2018, several Apollos have been customised for clients across the globe, and Apollos are showcased at our galleries in Chelsea, Downtown Los Angeles,  and recently Hong Kong, with further ‘landings’ planned for this year. Visit Apollo at one of our galleries for a glass of champagne and an out-of-this-world experience!

Here are some of the highlights of Apollo’s missions so far…

The Original Apollo, Bluebird London 

The moon landing represents an iconic moment in history where man achieved the impossible. Designed by Timothy Oulton Studio, the Apollo capsule is symbolic of our journeys through time and space in search of inspiration, and is made in-house by our team of skilled craftsmen.


The polished stainless steel shell is the same scale as the original Apollo 11 capsule. The bespoke interior includes tufted Tomahawk Camel leather, an Alabaster dining table and a customised Odeon pendant in Alabaster. The staircase is wrapped in luxurious woven leather and the central carpet is sheep fur. 


You can see our original Apollo at our global flagship at Bluebird in Chelsea, London.

Apollo at Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay

Gordon fell in love with Apollo after visiting Timothy Oulton’s flagship gallery at Bluebird, and his imagination was sparked to create a spectacular, cosmically-charged hosted experience at his restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen.


One of London’s most unique dining spaces, Apollo takes centre stage at Street Lounge, complemented by Timothy Oulton’s Shabby sectional sofas. Guests can book the entire space for up to 30 people or, for smaller parties of one to eight guests, reserve a space in Apollo.

Red Apollo, Design Shanghai

In 2019, exactly fifty years after NASA's Apollo, god of the sun, put Neil Armstrong's famous footprint on her dusty surface, we launched Apollo No. 3 at Design Shanghai. The previous year, China’s Chang’e probe, this time named after the lunar goddess herself, landed on the quietest place we’ve been so far and opened a whole new possibility of listening to the universe.


Red Apollo was customised with Safari Black leather upholstery underneath a canopy of Chinese embroidered red silk and the floor was fitted with a vintage Persian rug.

Apollo in Dubai

Designed for a pop-up VIP champagne bar in Dubai, Apollo No. 4 was customised with a rich interior of Old Saddle Black leather, with Baa Baa Snow cushions.


The glowing Alabaster table and Odeon pendant in sparkling K9 glass are a feature of every Apollo.

Paisley Apollo, Architectural Digest Design Show Mumbai (Now showcased at our Downtown LA Gallery)

A paisley silk tie and a nice pair of tan shoes; a perfect reflection of 1970, the era of the Apollos, when dreams of space travel became the everyday.  


Making its debut at the Architectural Digest Design Show in Mumbai in 2019, Apollo No. 5’s bespoke design featured wall panels upholstered in a rich, paisley patterned silk with a combination of deep blue and golden tones. The banquette was tufted in Old Saddle Nut leather, and the flooring was covered in a Persian rug.


You can come aboard our Paisley Spaceship at our Downtown Los Angeles gallery.

Apollo at Qvinto Restaurant Rome

This special Apollo was commissioned by Qvinto restaurant, a small jewel set in the Tor di Quinto Park in northern Rome that prides itself on being ‘different’.


The tufted interior is in Bull leather.

Apollo in Buff Burnished Blue, at Lecong China

Apollo broke new ground at the Halo Collections showroom in Lecong, China, customised with a hand-tufted Buff Burnished Blue interior.


Private Collections

Apollo is adaptable for a range of uses for both the residential and hospitality sectors, and several Apollos have been commissioned by private clients and installed at various locations.

Our Newest Apollo, Hong Kong

Our latest Apollo has landed in our Horizon Plaza gallery in Hong Kong and is ready to welcome guests to our gallery.  It features an interior in sumptuous Aussie Tobac leather, with a woven leather floor, Odeon chandelier and Alabaster table.


Scroll through the slideshow at the top of the page for more images. If you would like any further details on Apollo, please speak to an ambassador at your nearest Timothy Oulton gallery.