How do you create a captivating centrepiece for your interior? Timothy Oulton and partners invited guests to the gallery at Heal’s to explore four workshops dedicated to leather, floristry, music and interior design, all in the pursuit of the ultimate home showpiece.


On a brisk March evening in London, around 25 guests arrived to the warmth of the cosy Timothy Oulton gallery in the iconic Heal and Sons building on Tottenham Court Road. Bowler-hatted servers welcomed guests with glasses of wine and a delectable spread of fine cheese was laid out on the rustic new Causeway dining table.

Each of the four featured centrepieces were chosen for their wow factor, showcased by Timothy Oulton, Bang & Olufsen, PPG Interiors and Neill Strain.

Shakespeare said: “If music be the food of love, play on”, and the power of music was in full swing for the evening, played through Bang & Olufsen’s new cutting-edge speakers. Retailing at £57k for the pair, each speaker is 18 amps, turning the gallery into a multi-directional soundstage as guests relaxed and chatted over the crystal-clear sounds of the playlist.

Timothy Oulton Ambassadors introduced the unique leather collection, which is all finished by hand using simple tools. Large glass jars displayed different aniline dyes – it’s the translucency of these dyes which gives the leather its distinctive natural look. Guests were able to touch and feel an array of large leather hides while our knowledgeable Ambassador went through the multiple stages of hand-finishing that goes into each piece.

In the lighting gallery, the glamorous Rex dining table displayed another work of art – a rose-covered tabletop created by prestigious florist Neill Strain.  Fresh red roses are always a feature of Timothy Oulton galleries and this was a real show-stopping way to display them.

Guests relaxed on the Shabby and Nirvana sectional sofas, exploring the different centrepieces on show and connecting with new faces. The final workshop of the evening was the Importance of Detail by PPG Interiors, who showcased their inspired and imaginative interior design.

Timothy Oulton Moo cushions were amongst the stylish prizes in the lucky draw – the finale to a wonderfully convivial evening and a celebration of dramatic yet timeless interiors.