Timothy Oulton, purveyor of fine handcrafted furniture and lifestyle items, celebrates summer 2013 with its “British Summer of Sports showcase”.

Inspired by classic sporting events around the United Kingdom and the globe, our collection of sports inspired quality and our handcrafted furniture and interior design celebrates in style the British Summer of Sports.

If its eating strawberries and cream on Centre court, or watching from the edge of a classic deep buttoned sofa, we celebrate Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon – and Britain’s first ever men’s crown at Wimbledon since Fred Perry’s win in 1936 – with our homage to flowing groundstrokes and volleys – our Match Point tennis racquet artwork.

If your cup of tea is top hats and fancy dress at Royal Ascot races, or a chukka of polo, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with our Saddle Chair, homage to all things equestrian.

In a more robust manner, Timothy Oulton kicked off its Hong Kong summer this year by sponsoring Hong Kong’s Hedge Fund fight night, a fundraiser to benefit Operation Smile. We enjoyed sponsoring the women’s round, auctioning off our Bensington Union Jack Sofa to the highest bidder.  We also offer vintage boxing gloves for sale, as part of our vintage leather collection.

For that most arcane of British sports, 5 day test match cricket, the Ashes is on this year. Our vintage collection of Cricket bats is a great way to mark the occasion. And if you plan to watch it live at the grounds, or settle into long stretches in front of the big screen, a comfy flag cushion is the perfect way to show your support. Timothy Oulton offers a huge range of cushions.

Acknowledging the importance of sports greatest rivalries, the British Summer of Sports rounds off in fine style with the great Boat race; Oxford versus Cambridge. Although Cambridge has historically proven its superiority, Timothy Oulton is proud to throw its weight behind the Oxford team, and its 800 year old heritage of aspirational excellence. As the official supplier of fine handcrafted furnishings to Oxford University, we lead off with the Regatta rowing stripes chair, which sits perfectly with the rest of the sporty Oxford Collection.Timothy Oulton also features in its stores genuine reclaimed old rowing skiffs and sculls, which make a perfect decoration (price on application).

Finally, in the spirit of training towards excellence, our American lockers, and our newly launched gym collections are a perfect way to surround yourself with sporting inspiration. The Gym range revives old style sporting equipment, transforming them into functional furniture pieces.

What’s best about dealing vintage items is the ease with which we can relate to present events. Wimbledon celebrated its 136th edition since its 1877 first start and much like us; it has constantly evolved in an attempt to safeguard traditions from the past. As such, players are bound to all-white apparel rule, to bow or curtsy to the Queen or Prince of Wales. In short, it is a tournament immersed in convention. Having said that, Wimbledon has also witnessed major innovations; Andy Murray, winner of the Men’s Single is no more entitled to a prize of only 12 pounds as was the first ever champion Spencer Gore. In a similar vein, players are less addressed by their marital status as was the case before.

Sports have played an integral part in shaping Timothy Oulton’s designs, and informing the unique vintage collections featured in is stores. An ex Rugby player himself, Tim brings a proudly British, but undeniably international mindset to design. The Sports Club rooms and product lines express the energy and enthusiasm that great sports inspire.

Reviving the spirit of old English sporting activities is accomplished through a commitment to timeless designs and an authentic vintage aesthetic. Many pieces display distressed leather – Kensington armchairs, Lord Digsby Ottomans and vintage leather sporting goods reinterpret early 20th century pieces reminiscent of collegiate lifestyle. The Gym range designed around the frame of two old vaulting horses brings a modern casual feel and industrial edge spirit, making them relevant for today.

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see” once said Churchill. Timothy Oulton agrees. Centuries of heritage and tradition surround the world’s great sports, providing great inspiration for a modern energetic lifestyle. Timothy Oulton dedicates its British Summer of Sports showcase to the heritage values of fair play, and authentic handcraftsmanship, both of which are timeless hallmarks of style.

Race horsing has always been a recurrent theme for the Timothy Oulton design. Because of our passion for scanning flea markets, most of our stores showcase original and authentic saddles, boots and riding helmets, all of which are amongst Tim’s personal favourites. What is more, our iconic Saddle chair evokes the spirit of freedom and the harnessing of power that a saddle represents through its upholstered range of leathers.

All in all, the heritage of equestrian pursuit bridges the gap between the call for adventure and speed and the sporting elegance of polo, racing or hunting. Unfailing our British Summer of Sports, these pieces commemorate the elegance and class that once defined the world of sports.