Timothy Oulton Expands its Reclaimed Timber Collection


In creating its storied furniture collections, Timothy Oulton focusses on pure, authentic materials that become more beautiful with age. This season, the brand expands its reclaimed timber collection with the new Edwardian range, coupling the heritage of salvaged parquetry from old dancehalls with a striking geometric design that sits perfectly in 21st century interiors.

Tim Oulton has been passionate about vintage timber since starting out in the antiques trade, where he began working with timber expert Eddie Gibson. Eddie’s dad made big grandfather clocks with timber casings, and he’d served in the same army regiment as Tim’s dad so the families knew each other. Eddie became a wizard with wood, and took Tim under his wing in the early years. The pair continue to work closely together to this very day, repurposing old wood in new and exciting ways.

Tim says, “I’ve always loved reclaimed wood, it has an honesty and a purity, what I call humble luxury. I don’t like luxury for luxury’s sake, but humble luxury where the material is unfinished. Old wood is seasoned; the colour’s better, it feels better, it just looks more natural.”

The new Edwardian range sits alongside existing favourites including the classic Georgian Architectural dining table and rustic Causeway dining table, made from century-old timber salvaged from English buildings, and the Axel collection which uses wood from decommissioned fishing junks. For every piece in the collection, the story begins at the demolition site, where the wood is collected and transported to the Timothy Oulton workshop to be graded, sorted, and de-nailed. Nails can only be removed by hand, not mechanically, because they occur randomly in salvaged wood. To recondition enough wood to make one mirror, around 400 nails need to be removed.

The wood’s surface must be preserved as much as possible in its natural state. Splits, scars, dents, cracks and nicks from decades of use are preserved, forming a characterful surface finish that is impossible to recreate on new timber. And much like the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, Timothy Oulton celebrates the beauty of these imperfections, a beauty that is above all, 100% authentic.



Edwardian Collection (see headline image)

New for 2019, the striking Edwardian collection is fashioned from reclaimed parquetry oak and mahogany. Originally forming the floors of Edwardian dancehalls and other buildings in the UK, the timber is over 100 years old, bringing a century of history and character into your home. The reclamation of the wood is a long and arduous journey; each block is carefully removed by hand and cleaned before making its way to the workshop, where craftsmen use meticulous skill to lay each block – by hand – into the distinctive chevron pattern, creating a rustic surface full of personality and charm.

Available as a dining table, coffee table, desk and mirror.


Georgian Architectural Dining Table

The Georgian Architectural dining table is handcrafted from Genuine English Reclaimed Timber sourced from disused barns, distilleries and other buildings in the UK, sometimes up to a century old. A really warm and welcoming chunky table to anchor the room for casual sit downs or more formal dinner parties. Enjoy great company with plenty of eating, drinking, laughing, arguing and sharing – just as it should be.


Causeway Dining Table

Designed for a relaxing environment, the rustic Causeway dining table is handcrafted from Genuine English Reclaimed Timber, paved in a brickwork pattern along its hearty top. The timber is sourced from old buildings in the UK, up to 100 years old, and has a richly weathered patina in testament to its provenance.

The table can be extended with minimum effort by just one person, so you can prepare for extra guests with ease. Seating 6-10 people, it’s the perfect podium for convivial dinner parties or big family gatherings.


Axel Collection

The Axel range crosses old world and industrial with its combination of reclaimed wood from decommissioned Chinese junks and hand-treated metal detailing. After decades of exposure to the high seas and elements, the reclaimed boat wood from the hulls, decking, and beams of the Chinese boats reflects uniquely weathered colourations and textures. Each piece tells a story, forming a solid, cohesive collection rife with character and personality.


Explore Timothy Oulton’s reclaimed timber collection at your closest gallery or visit timothyoulton.com