Love the resurgence of Art Deco-inspired interiors and want to recreate it at home? You are not alone – we love it too! If you’re at a loss over where to begin, then we’ve got just the guide for you, featuring some of our favourite pieces. Opting for Art Deco doesn’t mean you have to go full-on Gatsby decadence mode; you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to bring elements of this retro look into your home. Read on for our five top tips on how to turn your home into a Roaring Twenties extravaganza.


1. Shine bright with a crystal chandelier

One sure-fire way of injecting a bit of Jazz Age razzmatazz into your home is with a crystal chandelier. Chandelier lights will best suit homes with high ceilings, but most Art Deco lighting hung low over the dining table will look equally stylish. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be crystal ceiling lights either; try a faceted glass table or floor lamp if you’d like only a subtle nod to the Art Deco era. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered for both options.

Our Night Rod collection’s glass and bronze pairing makes for an easy Art Deco lighting option. Optical grade glass prisms are packed into a cylindrical grid, held together in a plated bronze frame. Whether you go for the classic round pendant or the more contemporary rectangular pendant, light dancing between the triangular prisms will create an endless dazzling effect. The range also includes a table lamp and floor lamps.

Similarly, the vintage chandelier-inspired Rex collection harks back to the old Hollywood glamour – pieces that wouldn’t have looked out of place on set with iconic silver screen dance duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The stylish lighting features optical-grade glass prisms contrasted with an industrial iron frame. If you’re looking to go beyond chandelier lights, max out the opulence chart with the Rex Dining Table.


2. Optical illusion: do it with mirrors

Another easy way to add Art Deco glitz and glamour to your home is with decorative mirrors. Sunburst mirrors are typical of that era, and our Rex Round Mirror is a nod to that iconic look. For extra impact, go for the Rex Tall Mirror. Both designs feature triangular optical glass prisms around the frame, backlit to diffuse a soft, ambient light with a shimmering sparkle.


3. Sumptuous fabrics for the look and feel of an Art Deco armchair or vintage sofa

Opt for rich, lush textiles such as velvet, suede and satin to give your home an instant touch of Art Deco glamour. This can be in the form of throws, drapes and cushions, or you may consider reupholstering your existing furniture with beautifully soft velvet. If you’re starting with a blank canvas, however, here are three pieces we love:

The classic curves and flair of the Mimi dining chair is enough to evoke the Art Deco aesthetic. What we love even more is to pair this art deco armchair with sumptuous velvet as seen in the Mimi Faded & Degraded. These art deco style chairs are available in the bold, vivid pinks of the Peeling Ceiling pattern, as well as the more muted shades of Persia in Decline.

Continue the velvet theme into the living room with the Shabby Faded & Degraded sectional sofa. Its slouchy form might not exactly scream Art Deco, but its four velvet patterns all give it a slight retro sofa feel, particularly the Melting Paisley pattern – a mash-up of vintage Victorian damask with surprise splashes of ink. The Shabby is especially great for those who don’t want floor-to-ceiling Art Deco with an actual vintage sofa.

It’s not all about velvet: we love mixing it up with other soft and tactile furnishings, such as the Cave chair. This art deco style armchair is covered in long-haired New Zealand sheepskin, contrasted nicely with a shiny brass wire frame – perfect for getting cosy with a book and a glass of wine.


4. Throw shapes and get geometric

Bold geometric design and shapes are the hallmark of Art Deco-inspired interiors. If you’re taken by this style but don’t want to fully commit to high-contrast geometric patterned wallpapers typical of that era, then we have a couple of ideas for you.

The Titus dining table, with its brooding black marble or elegant white marble top, is a subtle take on Art Deco. It’s all in the details here: both marble surfaces feature a geometric brass inlay running along all four sides.

Carry this fine brass inlay theme into the living room with the Hollywood coffee table. The cool, white circular marble top is embellished with two brass concentric circles and set into a rose gold frame. The combination of precise shapes and metal is a definitive take on Art Deco.


5. Settle for metal

Our final tip is to incorporate metallic detailing into the furniture – look for art deco style armchairs, tables or coffee tables that come in gleaming metal frames. Two of our classic armchairs are Wall Street and Bastille. While the Wall Street armchair is a throwback to mid-century modern design, the sharp lines of the brushed steel or brushed brass frame are also a nod to the Art Deco aesthetic. The Bastille is another of our modern takes on the style, featuring wraparound brass studded leather and matching brushed brass feet.