This vibrant collection is a creative collaboration between Tim Oulton and Australian fabric designer Kerrie Brown, who was nominated for an Oscar during her time as a celebrated Hollywood set decorator. Sharing a common passion for juxtaposing the traditional with the innovative, Tim and Kerrie are both masters at blending ideas from different time periods with a daring, modern perspective.

Showcased on the Westminster Button sofa, Faded and Degraded velvet brings a contemporary rock and roll edge to the classic Chesterfield-inspired silhouette. Tim Oulton says, “The Chesterfield is such an iconic British design and probably the most recognisable sofa in the world, but in Faded and Degraded it takes on a completely different personality. Something that’s traditionally pretty masculine is suddenly catapulted into 21st century glam, it feels exotic and sophisticated but also has an air of playfulness about it. The Persia in Decline pattern is actually based on an old Persian rug I had, but we’ve layered it with an abstract print to make it feel modern and relevant.”

Discover the unique Faded & Degraded Collection…

Persia in Decline

Persia in Decline takes its inspiration from one of Tim’s vintage Persian carpets. The rug’s intricate woven patterns, and the areas that have worn and faded over time, are captured and overlaid with abstract patterns in hues of blues and greys, giving this sumptuous velvet a modern 21st century twist.

Melting Paisley

Melting Paisley has a mesmerising layered effect, transporting you through eras of time. Based on a background of faded Victorian damask wallpaper, a contrasting splattered ink overlay adds a modern expressive viewpoint onto the ornate detailing and ordered form underneath.

Peeling Ceiling

The texture and patterns of a once grand plaster ceiling, now crumbling and worn with age, provide the basis for the clash of vibrant hues of pinks, oranges, blues, yellows and grey, with multiple layers of colour and pattern clamouring across in a mottled effect on soft velvet. Wildly original and completely unique.

Peat Smudge

A traditional paisley pattern is updated, creatively merged with an overlay of abstract art in this unique velvet finish. Peat Smudge is designed in soft hues of light and dark greys, evoking faded grandeur from a bygone era in a soothing colour.

The Faded and Degraded collection is available on selected upholstery including the Westminster Button sofa, Shabby sectional sofa and Mimi dining chairs. Designs are individually prepared to fit each fabric panel in the cutting pattern, ensuring a powerful and distinctive effect on every piece.