A chandelier makes a great statement piece in any room, but we especially love hanging one over the dining table to really leave an impression on our guests. Choosing a chandelier to suit your space and table is an art, so here are a couple of tips to help you find the right one – and for those who need more guidance, we play matchmaker and pair up some of our favourite chandeliers and dining tables.


How to size a crystal chandelier for your dining table

Style aside, size and positioning are the most important factors to consider when choosing hanging light fixtures, regardless of whether they’re traditional crystal chandeliers or contemporary chandelier lights.

Crystal ceiling lights already make for a natural focal point in the room; if you want the wow factor, you can play up their size but the scale of the light must still make sense for the space they occupy. If you already have a table, then chances are you’ve already considered the length and width of the dining area. Remember to centre the light over the dining table rather than the room.

The height of the room also plays an integral role when shopping for a chandelier: if you have lofty vaulted ceilings, choose a tall fixture, perhaps with two or even three tiers. If you have a low ceiling, that doesn’t rule out chandeliers for the space – it’s simply a matter of choosing a smaller one with a shorter chain length.

A common mistake people make is to hang a light too high above the dining table. You want to hang the chandelier low enough to create an intimate atmosphere, but not so low that it’s in people’s way. A good rule of thumb is to hang the light around 30-36 inches above the table top – this ensures everybody at the table can see each other, and also allows enough room for flowers or a centrepiece. It is absolutely crucial that the chandelier doesn’t extend wider than the table: you don’t want any of your dinner guests to bump their heads on the light when they get up from their chairs. Aim for a light that is a third of the width of the table; if you have a rectangular table, consider a long fixture that covers up to half of the table length to create a nice balance of proportions.


Power couples: chandelier and dining room table pairings at home


Monarch Pendant & Junction Marble Dining Table

Our Monarch pendant and all-marble version of our classic Junction table are the perfect pairing for giving a minimalist home a touch of the razzle-dazzle. Featuring recycled glass shards strung together by wire and arranged around a circular iron frame, Monarch’s simple silhouette blurs the line between a chandelier and an oversized pendant, making it an accessible choice for those new to statement hanging lights. An LED strip is tucked inside the frame, creating a relaxed yet intimate lighting effect that’s perfect for dinner parties.

Meanwhile, Junction Marble is an elegant dining table that will elevate any dining space. The smooth, clean block of gleaming white stone instantly adds a sense of sophistication and luxury, and the marble will develop a lovely patina with use and wear. The Monarch and Junction Marble are best suited for muted spaces with lots of neutral tones or white walls.


Classic Volt Chandelier & Iceberg Dining Table

Our Classic Volt chandelier and Iceberg glass dining table will set pulses racing with their barely-there lines and curves. The Classic Volt is a contemporary, pared-back take on the classic chandelier form, where the shape is outlined by a simple wire frame, and clusters of recycled optical glass fragments stand in lieu of the more traditional candleholders and other ornate details. It’s a clever juxtaposition of the dramatic and demure – a balancing act between the theatrics of a big chandelier versus a delicate wire structure. Small LED bulbs sit directly above each cluster of glass shards, creating a lovely soft and romantic mood lighting. Consider how much light you need – if the space is also used for everyday activities like homework, you may need to supplement this with perimeter lighting such as scones or floor lamps.

The simplicity of this chandelier is echoed in our Iceberg table, named as an homage to the monumental icebergs in the Arctic and Antarctic, and the polar explorers who dared to navigate around them. Three sleek, glass planks appear as if they were frozen blocks of water floating atop a modest black steel frame. Choose between a rippled texture on one side of the glass plank and a smooth finish on the reverse; each plank can simply be lifted and turned to suit your mood. Together, the Classic Volt and Iceberg make a great option for high design impact with minimal structural footprint, ideal for cosy spaces or a room with an intricate wallpaper pattern or design.


Gyro Crystal Chandelier & Causeway Dining Table

If you’re shopping for a truly one-of-a-kind chandelier, then look no further than our Gyro Crystal range. Its distinctive spherical metal framework takes after its namesake – the gyroscope, a scientific device used for providing a reference direction in navigation systems. The industrial, antique rust finish of the metal is set in stark contrast with the precision-cut crystals centred inside the spheres. This unexpected clash of scientific and romantic design motifs in one single light fixture works remarkably well together – and even better when paired with our Causeway wooden dining table.

Causeway is a continuation of the industrial aesthetic: this rustic, handcrafted dining table is made using reclaimed timber sourced from old factories and other buildings across the UK. Some of the timber dates back over 100 years, and has the patina to prove its age. With an easily extendable table top that can accommodate up to ten people, Causeway is a great option for those who plan on entertaining a lot.


Crystal Chandelier & Junction Dining Table

Our Crystal chandelier is one for period drama fans who live by the maxim of “more is more”. This light takes its design cues from Georgian era chandeliers, and includes such hallmark features as a large central crystal baluster, from which emerge various precision-cut glass crystals and candle lights. For the unmistakably Timothy Oulton look, the metal frame is treated in our classic antique rust finish.

For a striking visual contrast that won’t overwhelm, pair Crystal’s traditional, romantic aesthetic with our Junction table’s sleek silhouette. This polished, white marble designer table is the ideal match for Crystal in the luxury stakes, with Junction’s weathered oak legs keeping the whole style mix contemporary and on point too.