The best place to enjoy a good dram is from the comfort of a great leather armchair, in a cosy and relaxing space amongst good company. The Timothy Oulton lounge at Quintessentially Lifestyle New York hit just the right spot last week for an evening of whisky tasting with The Glenrothes. As Mark Twain so deftly pointed out; “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.”

Around 30 guests left the New York winter chill behind them to warm up in the intimate lounge, designed around Timothy Oulton’s Metro theme. The sophisticated and urban vibe is a perfect complement to Quintessentially’s award-winning concierge and lifestyle brand.

Ryan Hughes, from the Timothy Oulton gallery at ABC Carpet and Home, welcomed the crowd with a toast and touched on the shared values between Timothy Oulton and The Glenrothes for crafting authentic and select experiences.

Whisky maestro Karl du Hoffman introduced the four delectable whiskies on the evening’s tasting menu; The Glenrothes Alba Reserve, The Glenrothes Select Reserve, The Glenrothes 1998 and The Glenrothes 2001. The four single malts offered a tantalising journey for guests’ taste buds taking them from the lighter notes to the more hearty and robust flavours.

The relaxed atmosphere was punctuated by the energy of chatter and the sleek shiny steel furniture. Glasses filled with golden liquor sat invitingly on the architectural Zazenne tables, while guests mingled on the Mars and Professor chairs or lounged on the Tufted Tribeca sofa, wrapped in Old Saddle Black leather. British rock and roll provided a lively backdrop and fine cheeses were munched on while the vintage trophy collection and 19th century Playing Card art line caught the eye of the crowd.