Mummuc’s Daniel Terán and Daniel Terry say that our Union Jack Bensington helps energise their rehearsal room. We were among the first to be touched by the new band’s positive vibe, music and aesthetics, so we met the band in Madrid to find out more.

Congratulations on your single “Universe of Dreams”How would you describe your music? Thank you very much. We really love that song because it is just how we feel. We feel that we belong in everything around us . . . the sun, the moon, the stars, this universe. Sometimes you are too busy to really appreciate where you are, how you are and what you have around, so we feel that with our music we have a connection to this world. We’d describe our music as pop rock from the soul.

How did you two meet? We met when we were 11-12, hanging around in Majadahonda, a little town close to Madrid. We have always had music in our bones. We always played in bands but never together. Terán went to live in the US and I [Terry] went to Canada where my father lived. Although we always talked about this project, we only needed the right time to do so.

We know you also have other creative pursuits. For you, Terán, it’s interior design. What about you, Terry? How do they influence one another? I [Terry] work in a marketing agency on event design and production. To have that kind of vision on creativity helps us in our music, but anything that is done from the heart is well done. I am a big fan of Terán’s designs and projects. What he does comes from a family tradition and that perfection reflects in his work.

What’s the most daring project you’ve worked on? If you do everything with your heart, nothing becomes daring even if we know that has its risks.

What’s your next creative challenge? The next creative challenge is to release our first album, tour around, make videos and live this. Mummuc’s debut album launches tomorrow, 19 April, in Madrid, where Timothy Oulton also has a retail location. Hat tip to Traffic Seven for contributing to this feature.