Sydney – Alexandria

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Coco Republic Design Centre
34 O’Riordan Street,
Alexandria, NSW 2015
Sydney, Australia

Tel.: +612 1300 000 220
Mon - Sat: 10am - 5:30pm
Sun: 10am - 5pm

Bryanna Pratt

Sydney has gained a reputation as a major global city that is directional in design, architecture and is brimming with history and culture. It is an exciting and cosmopolitan city within Australia.

The Timothy Oulton gallery in Sydney is located within the popular furniture and design precinct within Alexandria at well-know store Coco Republic.

The Coco Republic Design Centre is one of the most dynamic and recognized international design showrooms in Australia. Showcasing the best in international furniture and now the home to renowned authentic British brand Timothy Oulton.

Coco Republic has represented Timothy Oulton in the Australian market for over 2 years as an integral part of the offering. As an exciting progression, Coco Republic now introduces the 311m2 dedicated Timothy Oulton Gallery, an initiative that sees the British collection showcased in its entirety and in true Timothy Oulton style.