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Sustainably Sourced

Reclaimed Timber Furniture

The storied patina of reclaimed timber is something that simply can't be recreated on new wood. Some of our timber is salvaged from century-old English buildings, some from Chinese fishing junks that have spent decades at sea, and some from the floors of Edwardian dance halls. Every nail is removed by hand and the patina preserved as much as possible, forming a characterful surface imprinted with its provenance.

Monastery Dining Table

Inspired by ancient refectory tables. The base is formed from strong and sturdy century-old oak, salvaged from the beams and floorboards of old houses. The timber has an authentically distressed patina, rife with the character that only weathering and age can bring. Cracks, knots, splits, and nail holes are preserved, testament to the wood's seasoned past. Handcrafted using enduring mortise and tenon joinery, a technique that has been used in woodwork for thousands of years.

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I’ve always loved reclaimed wood, it has an honesty and a purity, what I call humble luxury. I don’t like luxury for luxury’s sake, but humble luxury where the material is unfinished. Old wood is seasoned; the colour’s better, it feels better, it just looks more natural.

Tim Oulton

Baker's Rack Bookcase

Inspired by the industrious baker's rack used in traditional bakeries. Handcrafted in chunky planks of reclaimed oak, weathered over a century of use to create a beautiful patina unique to each piece.

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De-nailing by hand

From century-old oak salvaged from old houses to weathered boat wood reclaimed from fishing junks, our reclaimed timber is hand-selected, de-nailed by hand, and repurposed to find new life in our beautifully handcrafted furniture.