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Halodome Panorama


April 2023

Domes are ancient, from igloos to The Pantheon, the experience inside them is visceral and wonderful with an enveloping sense of calm from walls that arch from floor to roof in a single swoop. Domes may be ancient, but caves are elemental, the purest essence of shelter and the safest of havens from the world outside. The new Halodome Panorama by Timothy Oulton Studio brings both of these ideas to life as the ultimate cocoon with a view.


The original Halodome or 'Dome Home' as it's affectionately known, was built by Timothy Oulton Studio as a prototype and is the first accredited residential Passivehaus in China. Today, the Dome Home is used to host guests who visit our workshops and showroom from around the globe.

Timothy Oulton Studio's latest version of the Halodome concept is a 9 metre fully prefabricated multi-use structure with 60m2 of internal space, a huge glazed arch and curved balcony, all shippable to anywhere in the world.

Scaled for a multitude of uses, this configuration can function perfectly as a luxury villa with ample space for sleeping, living and bathing areas that are all able to take in views of the surrounding environment through large sliding doors and a panoramic wall of glass.

"The aim was to create a space that was something between a cave and a dome, an enveloping cozy haven, but with a view. Its scaled at the ideal size for a hotel villa, also with a balcony to take in the view and surroundings”

Simon Laws, Co-founder of Timothy Oulton Studio

Lined with reclaimed timbers stained with natural Indigo and re-used terracotta flooring, the rich selection of stone finishes and bespoke furniture has been designed to provide a fully immersive luxury experience.

The main 4.5 metre high domed area is divided by a freestanding timber and stone cabinet, integrating a TV on the living side and an exquisitely detailed basin and mirror unit finished in honed and sandblasted Verde Marble.

The overall palette is a mix of warm natural hues and textures, raw linen, natural sheepskin fur and leather. Sand blasted and honed tables in Verde Marble are all set against the varying clay tones of the terracotta flooring, warmed in the cooler months by highly efficient underfloor coils. A softly glowing cluster of honed alabaster spheres hangs from the central ceiling spindle, evoking evening moonlight.


soak up the view

A freestanding black stone bath overlooks the balcony and water views beyond. Shower and WC cubicles are accessed on the perimeter of the space through frameless glass doors, lined with honed marble mosaics.


Concealed Kitchenette

Stained timber slated doors conceal double wardrobes and adjacent to the main entrance, a kitchenette is lined with textured red marble.



A curved timber bedhead mirrors the central TV unit with a raft divan base and sumptuous handmade Timothy Oulton mattress, topper and pure linen bedding. Natural sheep leather cushions and timber drum side tables with adjustable task lights create the utmost comfort and ambience.


Halodome Panorama is a multi-use structure that has been primarily developed for the resort market, ideal for use in remote locations where the fully prefabricated factory controlled manufacture can facilitate a more cost effective construction timeline.

Also available, a prefabricated timber floor deck, made up of 20 fully insulated panels that can be supported on 12 columns and locally installed foundations. Alternatively, the dome can be erected on a conventional concrete base slab and foundation.

Halodome Panorama can be supplied with either stainless steel or timber shingle claddings to suit various climates and aesthetics.

Halodome Panorama can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. For more information, please contact our team at Timothy Oulton Studio.