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Spotlight on Contemporary Lighting


May 2023

Whilst we love candles for relaxation purposes, we’re pretty happy that we no longer have to rely on them as our only source of light once the night draws in! These days, we can simply flick a switch and our homes will be brightly illuminated for however long we desire, meaning we can continue living our best lives right through the midnight hours.

Lighting the Way with Contemporary Lighting

Simply put, a properly lit space is essential for everyday life. Lighting can create or enhance the mood of a room, designate what purposes certain areas are used for, draw focus to your favourite items, or even add an extra flash of design flair where required. In this article, we'll take a look at the different types of contemporary lighting every good home should have - and highlight a few standout Timothy Oulton pieces to ensure you light the way in style.

Setting the Mood

Ambient lighting is probably the most important lighting each room in your space needs. Think of this as the general lighting that bathes your home in a warm, inviting glow - bright enough to ensure you can see and move around easily, but not so bright that it makes you wince in discomfort.


modern chandeliers

Modern chandeliers or pendant lighting can add a spectacular centrepiece to your space. Our Gyro Crystal Chandelier takes its inspiration from a gyroscope, a scientific device invented in the 19th century for measuring orientation. We've reworked the gyroscope's distinctive shape into a framework of metal spheres that encircle a crystal chandelier in its centre - creating a striking contrast between the industrial grit of the raw metal frame with the delicate romance of a traditional chandelier.


rectangular pendants

Long rectangular pendant lights look especially good hung above dining tables that mirror its proportions, whilst also guaranteeing that every seat around the table gets its equal share of light. Our Selenite Pendants are a perfect example of divinely-deployed accent lighting. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, these long, elegant pendants deliver a soft pearlescent glow reminiscent of moonlight, with each fixture comprising hundreds of individual selenite crystals.



Table lamps are an ideal way of injecting task lighting where you need it. We're rather partial to these Paradise Table Lamps which look perfect on a bedside table here with the Cambridge Bed.



A floor lamp offers the perfect ambient lighting. Handcrafted from metal and glass, these Rod Floor Lamps are a modern day interpretation of Venetian Murano brass and glass library lights from the 1940s.


Styled by You

There's nothing better we love than seeing our pieces styled in our client's homes. In this London project by @sheremadness the client had already ordered the Bark 7-ring pendant, which now sets the tone for the rest of the space. In this living room designed by @christineritterdesigns, a soothing palette of green and white is mixed with a touch of glamour from the Night Rod floor lamp (photographed by @annamariastudio). And finally, @dominicos_design has styled the Odeon rectangular pendant above our Axel reclaimed timber dining table with Mimi dining chairs.

The Timothy Oulton Lighting Collection recaptures the magic of light,

that warm glow of the golden hour when the sun is low in the sky and the

natural light is soft and romantic.

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