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March 2023

We pride ourselves on the fact that Timothy Oulton designs are true British icons. Made with every bit as much of the craftsmanship, dedication and attention to detail of a leather-bound classic, our fabulous pieces of British furniture are made to enjoy for years to come. Here, we take a whimsical look at which pieces from the Timothy Oulton collection would best suit some of the most beloved figures from British literature.

Elizabeth Bennet

Crystal Chandelier

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife… and a great crystal chandelier. Whilst we've altered Jane Austen's famous opening line from her 1813 masterpiece Pride and Prejudice just a little, we'd hope that Jane, and indeed her intelligent and quick-witted heroine Elizabeth Bennet, would fully approve of our design choices.

Having overcome their pride and prejudices about each other, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy finally fall in love - and the book ends with Elizabeth accepting Darcy's second marriage proposal. With Elizabeth now finding herself mistress of Darcy's beautiful Pemberley estate, we think our magnificent Crystal Chandelier might be the perfect wedding gift. Inspired by the elaborate designs of the late Georgian period - exactly when Pride and Prejudice was written - this vintage chandelier showcases large crystal baluster centrepieces, precision-cut glass crystals and romantic candle lights to spectacular effect.

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Arthur Dent

Westminster Button Sofa

As British as the cup of tea he craves in vain on his travels through hyperspace, Arthur Dent is the hapless, but loveable, anti-hero of Douglas Adams' classic sci-fi comedy, series The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Upon learning that the Earth is to be demolished to make way for an intergalactic by-pass, Arthur hitches a ride on a spaceship with his alien companion Ford Prefect. The duo finds themselves in increasingly unlikely - and hilarious - situations as the series unfolds, including travelling through the space-time continuum on a time-travelling Chesterfield sofa.

The Westminster Button Sofa is, in our opinion, the ideal Chesterfield couch for adventuring through space. Handcrafted using traditional construction methods, it's more than sturdy enough to see off the most persistent of alien attacks. Meanwhile, this leather Chesterfield's generous proportions allow for plenty of space for the dressing gown-clad Arthur to stretch out for forty winks between adventures, while its classic style will offer a welcome reminder of his former home - even in the outer reaches of the universe.


Bertie Wooster

Rex Dining Table

P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster hold a special place in the hearts of British literature fans. Written predominantly throughout the 1920s and 30s, this series of comedy novels examines the lives of long-suffering valet Jeeves and his rather dim-witted employer, man-about-town Bertie Wooster. The stories epitomise a particular class and era of British society, offering a wry and humorous glimpse of life in the roaring 20s.

For a man of Bertie's means and position, entertaining is a primary concern and as such, we reckon our Rex Dining Table is an essential piece for his Berkeley Square bachelor pad. Inspired by the Art Deco period, this round glass dining table can easily accommodate an extra place for dinner, should Bertie be subjected to an unexpected visit from his fearsome Aunt Agatha. Crafted from cut crystal, the Rex is lit from within, illuminating it like a crystal chandelier, and creating a bally good light show, whatever the occasion.


James Bond

Hudson Sideboard Bar

Combining international espionage with unflinching bravery, stoic patriotism, and a heady sprinkling of glamour, 007 James Bond is the archetypal gentleman spy. A significant part of Bond's character comes from his appreciation for the finer things in life; from his Aston Martin to a properly mixed vodka martini - always shaken, not stirred. Such is the spy's love of a good cocktail that Fleming actually invented one just for his protagonist - the Vesper martini.

As a man of sophistication, Bond is ideally suited to the Hudson Sideboard Bar. Polished, primed and always ready for action, the Hudson's handsome Fury leather panels are offset by sleek detailing, creating a refined, masculine finish. Bond's love of hidden gadgetry is echoed in the cabinet's design, with double doors perfectly concealing the compartments, bottle holders and tray within. As sharply tailored and distinguished as one of Bond's signature tuxedos, the Hudson is the epitome of class and style.


Sherlock Holmes

Mentor Armchair

The creation of Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is probably the most famous detective of all time, fictional or otherwise. Together with best friend and biographer Dr John Watson, Holmes resided at 221B Baker Street - and we can just picture the master detective, pipe in hand and Wagner on full blast, puzzling over his latest case from the comfort of a leather armchair.

It's elementary, dear readers… But we believe our Mentor Armchair is just the seat for the job. Its high back, lowered arms and clever contouring would allow Holmes to sit back, sink in and focus his energies on his powers of deduction, whilst its gloriously supple hand-finished leather upholstery should prove every bit as timeless as the great detective himself.


Mary Poppins

Stonyhurst Chest

The eponymous character of P.L. Travers' series of children's classics, sensible strait-laced super-nanny Mary Poppins was a stickler for keeping homes spotless at all times - and whilst we might lack her magical powers for cleaning up rooms with a snap of the fingers, our Stonyhurst Chest can certainly help with keeping your affairs as neat and tidy as can be.

Crafted from the finest materials in a choice of leather, cowhide, steel or brass, with studded wooden banding and leather handles, this sturdy travel-inspired trunk features five capacious drawers to ensure all your bits and bobs can be stashed away out of sight at a moment's notice. Practically perfect in every way, we think you'll agree.