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Create a happier bedroom by getting rid of these 6 items


February 2023

1. Move the TV

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary; a place to reenergize, to reconnect with yourself, and connect with your loved one. Take the TV out and put a statement piece of art up instead, something that will make you smile when you wake up and look at it.

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2. Take out the mess – or at least hide it

Get rid of the clutter and put it away! We've always loved the romance of old trunks, and we make some beautifully crafted trunks which can be customised into dozens of different finishes to suit any space. We've expanded our range into a wide variety of different sizes, and added drawers to make them a perfect place to put away unnecessary clutter.

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3. Banish Bad Lighting

The bedroom should feel relaxing and inviting, so get rid of old dingy lampshades and lighting that's too bright. All of our lighting range uses crystals or polished glass that diffuse the light for a very gentle, romantic glow. Bedroom lighting should be soft and sensorial.

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4. Optimize Wasted Space

In an odd-shaped bedroom, awkward corners and alcoves can become wasted spaces that are difficult to furnish. Built-ins can work well here, or another trick is to use large mirrors - we call them room transformers. Either on a wall, or floor standing, mirrors can be used to box off awkward corners, and can completely change the way energy floats around the room.

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4. Swap lots of small pieces for a few key large scale ones

We always say the best way to maximise space is to have less things, but better things. The simplicity creates a sense of space. We are often told that our pieces are too large for small spaces, but actually a few large pieces, when correctly positioned, can make a place feel larger than if the same space had many small pieces.

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6. If it doesn't make you smile it's time to lose it

Style should always be a personal reflection of who you are, so if you don't love something then it's time to let it go. Only choose things that give you real enjoyment and make your life better.

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