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Bold Backdrops: Discover Timothy Oulton Wall Art


March 2023

If furniture is the bones of a well-dressed interior then art is the jewellery – the watch that completes the suit or the sparkle that elevates the dress. Timothy Oulton's creative selection of ready-to-hang wall art is inspired by vintage images, paintings and photographs sourced from flea markets, auctions and personal collections all over the world.


Travel inspires something in all of us - adventure, freedom and possibility. Timothy Oulton's Maps collection pays homage to each city's history, with 12 cities available in 2 sizes. Also available in a Classic Frame model.

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For more contemporary interiors, the Savoy Maps range is designed to look like a photograph negative for a modern, monochromatic viewpoint, while the New York City metal map is crafted from laser-etched steel.

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Timothy Oulton's classic Cards wall art features an enlarged version of vintage playing cards originating from late 19th century Germany, printed with K for König (King), D for Dame (Queen), and B for Bube (Jack).

The collection is complemented by the eye-catching Cards Aces collection, blending vintage inspiration with a modern twist. Inspired by old books, letters and bonds collected over years of travel, each Ace is an original design by Timothy Oulton's in-house artist. Detailed engravings and Florentine marbling are reinterpreted for a more contemporary feel, printed on museum quality paper with an aged finish.

For an ultra-sleek and sophisticated statement, the Ace is further brought to life with the audacious Hustle collection, laser-cut from steel and back-lit for added drama. Available in all four playing suits.

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Whether you’re looking for a focal point for your room or the last finishing touch, discover unique gallery-worthy pieces to bring some character to your walls.


Be transported to sub-Saharan Africa with this bold Hippo wall art. Other animal-inspired works include Moths and Butterflies, and creatures of the sea including our Crab, Lobster, and Urchin wall art.

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Based on drawings found in a science sketchbook from the early 1900s, our striking Crab wall art presents humble creatures of the sea in stunning vintage fashion.

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Timothy Oulton's Silver Certificate wall art depicts of one of the most artistically-inspired series of antique U.S. currency, marking the nation's achievements and history. The bills were designed by prominent American artists. 4 designs available.

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As Evelyn Waugh said: "The most futile and disastrous day seems well spent when it is reviewed through the blue, fragrant smoke of a Havana cigar." Our Cigar Panel wall art showcases images taken from the masters of Cuban cigar making.

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Explore the rest of the Timothy Oulton Wall Art Collection, inspired by vintage images, paintings and photographs sourced from flea markets, auctions and personal collections all over the world.