The Brits are famous for their bold explorations; David Livingstone across Africa, Sir Francis Drake who circumnavigated the globe, literary hero Phileas Fogg who made it around the world and back again in 80 days and not to mention the most enduring of all; The Rolling Stones, who seem to have been on a world tour for the last fifty years. Now it’s time for ‘Jack’, Timothy Oulton’s Iconic Union Jack sofa, to hit the road and scrub some places of his bucket list.

The suitcases are packed, the destinations are mapped out and the excitement of travel and adventure fills the air. Jack will be popping up in the streets, fields, riverbanks and other unlikely places, exploring 8 cities across 4 continents during the month of August.

The Bensington Union Jack is classic Timothy Oulton. A modern twist on the traditional Chesterfield, it’s bold, confident and playful. The Union Jack itself dates back to 1606 when Great Britain’s first flag was introduced on the proclamation of King James I. The Bensington UJ is a jubilant celebration of cool Brittania at its very best, delivered with a large dose of British humour.

Come with us for the ride as Jack journeys across the globe. We’ll reveal each new city along the way and share Jack’s travelogue of holiday snaps, from the weird to the wonderful, as he begins each new intrepid adventure. Where will Jack head next? Hit the road Jack, the world’s your oyster.

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