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The story of our


Playing on our founder Tim's endless fascinations, our Yellow Submarine nods to his family's military background as well as a love of British rock and roll, referencing the iconic track by The Beatles. Adding a touch of theatrical flair, our submarine is housed in a custom fish tank complete with tropical fish. This truly distinctive piece is available to purchase and can be shipped worldwide.

Some years ago, Tim Oulton purchased three decommissioned PAP 104 MK5 submarines from the Royal Navy. Their unique provenance and cultural relevance resonated strongly with Tim as truly daring and authentic pieces of history. Designed by Timothy Oulton Studio, our Yellow Submarine is a fibreglass replica of the original working submarine, steeped in stories of the deep blue sea and at once breathtakingly playful and audacious.




The Yellow Submarine is currently on display in our Bluebird gallery in Chelsea, London. Adding another note of playfulness, you’ll find a button on the fish tank which plays a famous song about a submarine. We’ll leave it to you to guess what the song might be!

The Yellow Submarine is available to purchase (price on request) and can be shipped worldwide. Please contact us online or get in touch with our ambassadors at your closest Timothy Oulton gallery for more information.


When Paul McCartney penned the lyrics to "Yellow Submarine" in 1966, he says he was thinking of a happy place; a song for children about an old mariner reliving past tales. This carefree image is replaced by a somewhat more perilous one in the story of the Royal Navy's Yellow Submarine, officially known as the PAP 104 MK5. First introduced in the 1950s and known technically as ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) Subsea Mine Identification System, the Yellow Submarine was produced by engineering giants ECA Robotics. PAP minesweepers operate by means of a guide-rope, steered remotely to navigate through the water and identify the mines via camera or sonar. The mine is then destroyed by a controlled explosion or by severing the mooring cable. PAP vehicles have completed more than 45,000 operations including many successful combat missions and are still in service with around 20 navies across the globe.

Design Factfile

  • Length 330cm
  • Width 150cm
  • Height 240cm
  • Weight (excluding water) 2,312kg
  • Weight (including water) 7,600kg
  • Aquarium built from steel and acrylic
  • Submarine crafted in fibreglass
  • Aquarium supply is structure only and does not include the filtration system which must be arranged locally through client's appointed aquarium specialist
  • Plumbing and electrical components (for speakers and lights) not included
  • Fish, sand, and coral are not included
  • Size and materials cannot be customized
  • Shipped in 3 packages
  • Installation (not included) takes around 3 days and requires 4-6 people
  • We recommend you consult a specialist aquarium installation team

Designed by

Timothy Oulton Studio

Timothy Oulton and Simon Laws, Co-founders of Timothy Oulton Studio - a boutique design studio dedicated to the creation of incredible environments. Innovation and meticulous attention to detail are at the forefront of every Studio project as the team strive to create unique and breathtaking interiors.



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