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Enriching Workplace Happiness


July 2023

Who would have thought that a vintage-inspired handcrafted furniture brand would find a place in today’s most exciting workspaces? That’s what makes Timothy Oulton’s partnership with The Executive Centre so special. Featuring selected vignettes of seating, cabinetry and lighting from Timothy Oulton’s creative collections, The Executive Centre is more than just a beautiful workspace, it’s a visionary approach rooted in the belief that design can significantly impact workplace happiness.

Since 1994 The Executive Centre (TEC) has worked to create thoughtfully articulated workspaces that prioritise both aesthetics and functionality, catering to ambitious professionals and industry leaders looking for more than just an office space. With this vision in mind, founder Paul Salnikow turned to like-minded British furniture and interiors company Timothy Oulton. Since introducing his interior designer Fiona Hardie to the team at Timothy Oulton's Hong Kong gallery, many of TEC's centres have now been designed using Timothy Oulton products in a partnership that continues to flourish. You can experience The Executive Centre in 180 centres across 15 countries in Asia Pacific.


Truly authentic materials and human-centred design can change the way you feel, and that's why Timothy Oulton always focusses on beautiful materials and time-honoured handcraftsmanship. Hand-softened leathers, characterful reclaimed timber and elegant marble, together with strong statement lighting create a timeless aesthetic that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. This considered mix of tactile materials is key to achieving the deeply immersive, sensory experience at TEC. Each of the 25 centres has been designed using different pieces from Timothy Oulton's distinctive collections but the overarching theme is one of comfort.

“It’s really important for people to feel comfortable. It’s always been form follows function; work out what the function is, how people will use the space, and then ensure whatever you’re designing is going to work for that purpose.”

Fiona Hardie, TEC Interior Designer


TEC centres in Shanghai and Hong Kong AIA are both kitted out with an Apollo spaceship by Timothy Oulton Studio. Apollo is crafted by hand in our workshops, built to the same scale as NASA's Apollo 11 capsule and clad in stainless steel with a luxurious tufted interior seating 8 people.

"If you make a space beautiful, people just behave differently, and it's always a change for the positive, even in a workplace. If you feel comfortable you're much more open to different ideas, different perspectives apart from your own."

Tim Oulton

Timothy Oulton's ethos is rooted in the idea that beautiful interiors support the creation of hosted and social experiences. The newly designed centres offer a captivating backdrop to connect with others and build a sense of community, embracing the shifting dynamic of the modern workplace which is increasingly open and collaborative.

Tim Oulton: "There is only one thing, it's how do you want to live your life? Work is just part of your life, but you don't have to separate them. What we really like is when we find out that a piece of furniture actually improves a work dynamic and the way people feel, that is highly rewarding."

Timothy Oulton works with interiors designers across the world and offers dedicated support throughout every stage of a project, from the consultation phase through to installation phase.

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