Guatemala City

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Store Information

Avenida Las Americas 14-73
Zona 14, Guatemala City, 01014

Tel.: +502 2366-4371
Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Mayra Shaw
gallery manager

In the heart of the city on a boulevard surrounded by trees, located around the well known aristocratic neighborhood in Guatemala, we find the first Timothy Oulton gallery in Latin America.

A house from the 1950’s that has been restored and a second generation connoisseur of fine woodworking are the scenario of the faithful display of creative talent of Timothy Oulton.

After a warm welcome, in a short time by listening to what each piece in the gallery has to say, and the relationship we keep with Timothy from his very beginning, you will be surrounded by the atmosphere that reveals the essence of its creator, a stimulus on the five senses, and the unique experience of being in his gallery.