Scorched Dining Table

An ancient Japanese art meets modern dining

Scorched Dining Table

An ancient Japanese art meets modern dining
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"An ancient Japanese art meets modern dining"
The Scorched dining table is inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Shou-Sugi Ban, which is still used today in modern architecture. The timber planks are carefully charred by hand, forming a naturally protective coating. The process is very time-consuming but results in a visually stunning effect. The same technique is used in the Scorched dining table, creating a distinctive and authentic charred finish on three wide planks of ash timber. The rich, satin-black colour highlights the texture of the wood for an immensely tactile experience, offset by the architectural lines of the Dark Bronze frame.
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Scorched Dining Table comes in a range of configurations.
Timber - BURNT ASH - Large
103.9"L x 39.8"W x 29.9"H
264cm x 101cm x 76cm
Timber - BURNT ASH - Medium
82.7"L x 39.8"W x 29.9"H
210cm x 101cm x 76cm
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Scorched Dining Table
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