Rock Crystal Rain Pendant


Rock Crystal Rain Pendant

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Rock Crystal Rain

The love of precious stones is deeply ingrained in the human heart, an ancient beauty that remains untouched and constant. The Rock Crystal Rain pendant is exquisitely handcrafted from delicate drops of rock crystal, lightly polished by hand and fixed to individual sockets on the frame so that each crystal is lit. The multi-faceted crystals disperse the light in every direction as it shines through the translucent stone, casting dramatic shapes and shadows on the wall, and radiating a soft and romantic glow. Lightweight in appearance yet voluminous in size, the Rock Crystal Rain Drop flushmount makes a spectacular showpiece suspended from high ceilings or above stairwells.
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Rock Crystal Rain Pendant comes in a range of configurations.
Metal - MATT BLACK - Large
47.2"L x 47.2"W x 84.6"H
120cm x 120cm x 215cm
Metal - MATT BLACK - Small
35.4"L x 35.4"W x 84.6"H
90cm x 90cm x 215cm
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Rock Crystal Rain Pendant
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