Globetrekker Side Table


Globetrekker Side Table

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Harking back to the romantic era of long, luxurious voyages by sea, the Globetrekker range is inspired by an original trunk from 1914 that Timothy Oulton discovered at an antiques market. Intrigued by the intricate detailing and beautiful brass plate of the trunk, Tim deconstructed the antique, redesigning it to encompass a full collection of side tables, chests, coffee tables, and bookcases, evolving with a range of different innovative finishes. Globetrekker Aero has a rugged, distressed aluminium finish inspired by military aircraft, transporting the original Globetrekker into the dynamic, modern world of travel.
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Globetrekker Side Table comes in a range of configurations.
Metal - AERO - Side Table Trunk
35.8"L x 22"W x 22.4"H
91cm x 56cm x 57cm
Metal - AERO - Side Table With Drawer
24"L x 24"W x 24.4"H
61cm x 61cm x 62cm
Metal - AERO - Side Table
21.6"L x 21.2"W x 24"H
55cm x 54cm x 61cm
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Globetrekker Side Table
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