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The word marble comes from the Greek for ‘shining stone’. Its translucency is similar to that of skin, giving a unique visual depth beyond its surface. Marble has been a stalwart of classic interiors for centuries and is revered for its intricate veining, which gives it its patterned appearance.
White marble coffee table and side table
pedestal console in kiraz marble
pedestal dining table in orion marble


Like fingerprints, no two slabs of marble are alike, with the colour, tone, and frequency and intensity of the veining unique to each piece. When embraced, these variances are what makes marble so special.

White marble instills calm and serenity in a space while black marble creates a bold, glamorous scheme, or choose an exotic stone like our Kiraz marble with its distinctive cherry-red hues and striking veining.

Marble's naturally porous surface will develop its own patina with use and wear, etched with its own story over time.


After regular use, your marble top will develop its own unique patina in which light spots, streaks or rings that can be felt by hand will develop. This is completely normal and unavoidable, and cannot be undone without the surface being refinished. As with any natural material, this aging process enriches your furniture and should be embraced as part of its natural beauty.

- Spilled liquids can leave a permanent mark. Spills and ring marks should be wiped off immediately.

- Protect your marble from hot, wet or abrasive objects by using coasters, trivets and placemats.

- Protect from acidic substances like wine, coffee, fruit juice, tomato sauce and nail polish remover. Blot spills immediately and rinse with a clean, damp cloth.

- Dust frequently with a clean, soft cloth to minimize scratches and wear patterns that can develop from everyday use.

- Clean your marble top on a regular basis with a clean, non-abrasive cloth, sponge, or mop, dampened with warm water. In addition, using a neutral cleaner specifically formulated for natural stone will help remove soils that normal dusting or damp mopping leave behind.

- Do not use general purpose cleaners, furniture polish or products that contain bleach, lemon, vinegar, or other acids, as these may etch the marble surface or damage the polish. Do not use scouring powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface.