Elevate Every Moment

The core idea that drives Timothy Oulton is the realisation that we only have one life, so we should elevate every moment to the utmost.
Whether a quiet moment alone, relaxing with loved ones, time spent working on a better world, or the unbridled joy of life’s celebrations, Timothy Oulton’s use of beautiful materials, finishes, forms and craftsmanship techniques connect deeply through the senses and through stories of meaning.


Room Inspiration

Get inspired by our room ideas, featuring key elements from each of our five curated collections above. Create a more storied home with pieces that become part of your life.
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Office
  • Home Bar
  • Kitchen
Relax Living Pudgie
Relax Living Shabby with Bark
Engage Living Westminster Button
Thrill Living Shabby
Engage Living Westminster Button with Professor Spitfire
Relax Living Shabby Sectional
Relax Living Nirvana Spur
Engage Living Shabby
Thrill Living Shabby with Mars MK3
Chill Living Nest with English Beam
Thrill Living Serpentine
Thrill Living Lux
Chill Living Nest Fixed Sofa
Chill Living Nest Sectional Outdoor
Relax Dining Causeway
Relax Dining Junction Selenite
Thrill Dining Iceberg
Engage Dining Axel MK3
Thrill Dining Scorched
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Kitchen Cook's Table