Celebrating the enduring luxury of pure, natural sheepskin, Timothy Oulton has unveiled its latest collection: Gentle Shepherd. Cultivated for millennia across the globe, sheepskin is one of nature’s most beautiful and versatile materials: strong yet soft, wild yet cosy, rugged yet luxurious. Shepherding is steeped in a 5,000 year old heritage, sustained by the shepherd’s rugged and resourceful ethos, dedicated to the welfare of the flock - the essence of the gentle, noble soul.


Available at selected Timothy Oulton and Noble Souls galleries worldwide, the collection was launched this month at New York’s must-attend design event What’s New, What’s Next. For over a decade, What’s New, What’s Next has been bringing the latest trends, ideas, and forecasts to the design community at the prestigious New York Design Center. 


Only the finest New Zealand sheepskin is used in the collection, prized for its softness. Real sheepskin is a luxury experience; sensorially rich, visually arresting, beautifully strokable, and perfect for both warm and cool climates as a result of natural wool’s intrinsic insulating properties.


Many of the designs carry names that reference the word for “shepherd”, or other shepherding references from languages of countries with an ancient heritage of sheep husbandry. Collection highlights include the rugged and muscular Manx armchair, named after a rare four-horned sheep native to the Isle of Man, the voluptuous Voskos armchair, taking its name from the Greek for shepherd, the cosy Baqtasi sofa and playful Pastekh stool, named after the Kazakh and Yiddish terms for shepherd, and the Ovis bed, referencing the genus of sheep, offering a primal yet modern take on luxury.

Each design is available in two finishes: short-haired Baa Baa or long-haired Yeti. Baa Baa has been sheared to create a thick, deep pile with a sink-in feeling that is richly evocative to the touch, and is available in two colours: Snow or Sand. Yeti has an untamed, tousled look with a long, shaggy pile. The hairs sit randomly in all directions, creating movement and giving each piece its own personality. Yeti is available in three colours: White, Beige, and Black.


“We always start with the materials”, says Tim Oulton, “and sheepskin is the perfect carrier of that ethos of going back to pure nature. I also like the idea of a shepherd as a pastoral thought across the globe - every country has its own version of the shepherd but all of them fight the wolf and look after the sheep. There’s that evocative sense of the wild, the great outdoors, sleeping beneath the stars. It’s not just a chair - it provokes a reaction in people…you feel something.”


Gentle Shepherd is the newest addition to Timothy Oulton’s Noble Souls; a collection rooted in epic natural materials including veg-dyed linens and feathers, reclaimed timbers and ancient crystal, which promises to create a realm of reconnection in the home.


Discover the full Gentle Shepherd sheepskin collection and live chat with us for prices and more info, or visit your nearest Timothy Oulton or Noble Souls gallery.