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Timothy Oulton founders, Tim & Simon

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timothy oulton studio

We are a boutique multi-disciplinary design studio dedicated to the creation of authentic experiences with character and soul. Our designs range in scale from branding identity and products to large scale, built experiences. From hospitality, retail to residential and workspace, we believe in creating spaces with a unique point-of-view that centre around the art of hosting.

We are a team of passionate designers with diverse backgrounds and extensive global experiences. Together, we work in collaboration with our project team to deliver incredible environments with a unique point of view. From initial sampling to final production and installation, our project team oversees the entire process of every design realisation.

World renowned furniture and lifestyle designer Timothy Oulton first met Simon Laws in 2010. Their commitment to holistic environments that positively impact the way we experience spaces became the foundation upon which TO Studio was founded. Their shared passion for authentic materials and Simon's 30 years' experience in international construction design continues to drive the creation of incredible design solutions with character and soul.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a project or collaboration, via our website: or drop us an email on: [email protected]


Studio Products

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The boot

The Cotswolds, UK
November 2022
Client: Timothy Oulton Hospitality


The Chelsea Pig

London, UK
November 2021
Client: Timothy Oulton Hospitality


Sark Kahvesi

Istanbul, Turkey
March 2022
Client: Timothy Oulton Hospitality


Panorama Halodome

Southern China
May 2022
Prefab building prototype


My Lover

August 2022
Client: Timothy Oulton Hospitality



Lake District, UK
November 2019
Client: J.Brown


Sankok Showroom

Southern China
December 2017
Client: Sankok Arts


Adrift Kaya

New Delhi, India
May 2022
Client: David Myers & JW Marriott


Donna Forte

Foshan, China
November 2020
Client: Donna Forte

Designed by TO Studio