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a multitude of uses


Halodome is a prefabricated multi-use timber structure conceived by Timothy Oulton Studio Founders Tim Oulton and Simon Laws. Designed and manufactured in our workshops, the Dome was developed for potential export to anywhere in the world.

The concept uses fully prefabricated and sustainably sourced timber panels screwed together to form a single dome space. Lined with beautiful reclaimed timbers, the interior space is completely flexible and column free. Our domes are all built to a high standard of energy efficiency.

Three Dome options are available: 9 metre, 12 metre, or 9 metre with glass (Halodome Panorama).

Halodomes have been created for a multitude of uses. The column free interiors can be configured in a vast array of layouts as housing, resort and hotel accommodation, villas, restaurants, showrooms, art studios, reception and meeting centres...almost anything that can be imagined.

The Domes can be supplied with either stainless steel or timber shingle cladding to suit various climates and aesthetics. A prefabricated timber floor deck is ideal for difficult sloping sites with minimal ground disturbance. Or alternatively, the dome can be installed on a concrete base foundation.

Key Info

  • Halodome is available in 2 sizes - 9 metres or 12 metres internal diameter. Halodome Panorama (with a panoramic wall of glass) is available in 9 metres only

  • Only the prefab building kit is supplied, we do not offer a turnkey service

  • Client is responsible for ensuring development is permitted on the land and arranging any planning and bulding permits

  • Client is responsible for arranging their own installation through local contractors

  • A Passivhaus option is available (except for Halodome Panorama). All domes are built to a high energy efficiency

  • All domes can be supplied with a prefab floor base
  • Exterior cladding in either timber shingle or stainless steel to suit various climates
  • Structure created using a mix of FSC-certified timber and reclaimed timber
  • Doors and windows are preinstalled into the finished panels and can be positioned in various configurations to suit the location and orientation of the building
  • Furniture and lighting from Timothy Oulton and sister brands can be supplied, client is responsible for sourcing all other furnishings and interior appliances

Get in touch

Could a Dome suit your next project?

If you're embarking on a construction project and are interested in Halodome, please get in touch. Halodome has been sold worldwide for various climates including buildings in Ireland, Denmark, China and The Philippines. To date, its uses range from private accommodation and communal areas, to restaurants and spas within larger hotel complexes.

Please contact us online or get in touch with our ambassadors at your closest Timothy Oulton gallery for further information.

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“Domes are ancient, from igloos to The Pantheon the experience inside them is visceral and wonderful with an enveloping sense of calm created by the arching walls that become roof and then walls again in a single swoop. We wanted to use that idea to create something completely modern.”

Simon Laws, Co-founder of TO Studio

Designed by

Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton and Simon Laws, Co-founders of Timothy Oulton Studio - a boutique design studio dedicated to the creation of incredible environments. Innovation and meticulous attention to detail are at the forefront of every Studio project as the team strive to create unique and breathtaking interiors.