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Design values


At Timothy Oulton, we give thought and effort into creating things that last, as well as making responsible, long-term choices that lead to an increase in enduring value – for all of our stakeholders, including our employees, our suppliers and our customers. Anchored by strong roots in antiques, we value the importance of products standing the test of time, using materials that will last generations, reducing waste and developing new ways of doing things that echo these principles.



We design everything in-house, meaning we have full control over the production, craftmanship and recycling processes in our workshops. Our products are handcrafted using simple techniques, lessening our environmental footprint.


While inherently difficult and laborious, the process of salvaging old wood delivers a unique quality of timber that cannot be replicated. Our reclaimed timber furniture features a richly textured surface patina, replete with the scratches, nicks, and marks that are all hallmarks of the passage of time.

Over 100 years ago, large trees were felled in forests all over the UK for use in construction. Many old buildings are now being demolished to make way for more modern developments. The frames of these structures are a treasure trove of valuable timbers.

From our first collection, we have hand selected our timber after demolition and transported it to our workshops where each piece is de-nailed by hand, ready to be given a new life. Timber is also reclaimed from decommissioned fishing junks and wooden structures in China, with the boat propellers repurposed as table bases, while the wood is turned into dining tables and shelving units.

A realm of reconnection

Veg-dyed Linens

In 2018, we launched the Noble Souls collection, the first complete upholstery range using 100% natural, vegetable-dyed linens. The linens are coloured using organic dyes extracted from different plants using ancient extraction techniques that have been passed down through the generations. These dyestuffs are then mixed with water to produce a stunning palette of authentic, natural finishes.

The blue hues of our Noble Souls linens are achieved using a unique form of Chinese indigo called "Landian", the grey and black hues are created using gallnut from the plants of the Anacardiaceae, commonly known as the cashew or sumac family, and the purple linens are coloured using madder root.

Hand-finished Leather

For decades, Timothy Oulton has been renowned for our world-class, hand-finished leathers. We are obsessed with this incredibly beautiful material, and it has always been our ethos to source, manufacturer and handcraft our leathers in the most ethical way possible.

Leather is produced from the natural skin, or hide, of cattle. We source our hides predominantly from Latin America - Argentina and Uruguay - where the cattle roam freely throughout the Pampas region. The animals are not raised for the sole purpose of becoming leather - they are first and foremost raised to service demand in the larger meat and dairy industries. Leather is a by-product from those industries, today there is no other use for the skins that are discarded. In this way, by producing leather we are recycling waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

We are proud to have our own sustainable tannery in Brazil. With the aim of producing zero impact leather, the tannery uses a unique, technically advanced water management system, which uses 80% less water and significantly less chemicals during the retanning process compared to the industry standard. The concept was developed independently and engineered entirely in-house.

Renewable Energy

100% of the electricity used in the tannery comes from renewable sources. As our leathers are almost entirely finished by hand, this reduces our use of finishing chemicals by around 40%. The tannery was recently awarded a prestigious gold rating from the Leather Working Group (LWG), achieving the highest possible standard in environmental and social practices. The audit especially focused on social well-being, effluent and wastewater management, and material traceability.

Ethical Sheepskin

We only use ethically sourced, cruelty-free sheepskin for the Timothy Oulton Collection. The sheepskins originate from Australia and New Zealand, where flocks roam freely and abundantly. The animals supply the much larger meat industry, and the leftover pelts are a by-product ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Animal health and welfare is certified by the independent auditing body AAWCS.


Sustainably sourced

Anatolian Reweave

Anatolian Reweave fabric, is a sustainably sourced hemp fabric repurposed from century-old vintage sacks. Each thread has been meticulously unravelled, hand washed and re-woven. The hemp fabric has an authentic, natural texture in celebration of its provenance. The sofa feet are also wrapped in the same hemp fabric.

Exclusively available on our Commodore sofa. A symbol of bold reinvention, the Commodore sofa gives a fresh, modern perspective to the iconic British chesterfield sofa whose roots date back to the 17th century.

Our ongoing commitment

We are committed to continually improving our sustainability practices with a focus on the reduction of packaging, tree planting schemes, the recycling of waste materials, and low impact materials and manufacturing processes. Our team is constantly working on innovative new ways of bringing you beautifully crafted products while protecting our planet and natural resources.