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Noble Souls

Today’s true luxuries are not things but moments; moments of true comfort, when we deeply reconnect with ourselves and with each other. Noble Souls is a collection rooted in deep sensory joy, epic natural materials, and ancient craftsmanship.

A realm of reconnection

Noble Souls reconnects us with our senses and with nature through the purest materials; organic veg-dyed linens and leathers, the softest New Zealand sheepskin, and reclaimed timbers.

Experience the most comfortable sofas in the world, handmade from premium goose down and linen. Available in a wide array of colours, contours, and configurations.

Welcome to Indigoland

Our founder Tim Oulton had a lifelong passion for traditional handcraftsmanship and natural materials, and the idea of a sofa collection made from naturally dyed linens had been in his mind for some time. In a quest to learn more about the ancient craft of indigo dyeing he made the journey to a remote Dong village in the mountains of rural China, and experienced the ancient techniques first-hand that the villagers have been using for generations. He spent time with a family of weavers, who spend days weaving the linen by hand and then dye it using natural indigo that grows in the mountains. All the natural indigo used in the Noble Souls collection grows in the mountains of rural China and in the remote surrounding villages.


Noble Souls is more than just furniture, it's a journey in search of a deeper connection with enduring values. Everything is made by hand, at human scale, using simple time-honoured techniques. It's about rediscovering how the things in our lives are actually made: the effort, the passion and the beauty.

Rugged yet luxe

The enduring natural beauty of sheepskin

Shepherding is steeped in a 5,000-year-old heritage, sustained by the shepherd's rugged and resourceful ethos. Our Noble Souls collection celebrates the enduring luxury and beauty of natural sheepskin.