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“Cultivated for millennia across the globe, sheepskin is one of nature’s most beautiful materials”

Humble luxury

The Gentle Shepherd collection

Shepherding is steeped in a 5,000-year-old heritage, sustained by the shepherd's rugged and resourceful ethos. The Gentle Shepherd sheepskin collection celebrates the enduring luxury and beauty of natural sheepskin.

We only use ethically sourced, cruelty-free sheepskin from Australia and New Zealand, where flocks roam freely and abundantly. Animal health and welfare is certified by the independent auditing body AAWCS.


create a realm of reconnection

Today's true luxuries are not things but moments; moments of true comfort, and reconnection. The Cabin dining chair is part of our Noble Souls collection, using epic natural materials to create a hearth of reconnection in your home for more of these blissful moments.