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Kick Back in the Perfect Lazy Armchair


November 2023
Manx chair

Never underestimate the importance of being idle. An occasional day of languid lounging helps us to slow down and appreciate the leisurely side of life. In this article, we take a look at some of our favourite lazy chairs and armchairs for whiling away the day in laidback comfort, whatever your plans. Pictured above: Manx sheepskin armchair in Baabaa Sand.

for cosy fireside chats

cabana yeti chair

Designed for long evenings sharing shaggy dog tales in front of a crackling fireplace, our Cabana Yeti sheepskin armchair is longhaired, laidback and has the sort of casual attitude to convention that we can relate to. Generously proportioned and eye-catching in all the right ways, this contemporary armchair is anything but abominable.

The Cabana Yeti's frame is available in either rustic weathered oak or black clay, and finished in tactile long-haired New Zealand yeti sheepskin, creating a sumptuously plush seat that's just the right amount of wild at heart. Choose from beige, black, or white upholstery to complement your décor, and pair with the matching Cabana Yeti Footstool to kick back in complete cosy comfort.


For Card Sharks

Rally Chair

A lazy chair that's not so lazy: play your cards right and you'll discover that our Rally Chairpacks a hidden punch of adrenaline. Whether your idea of a great night in involves practicing your poker face or buying hotels on Mayfair, the Rally's sleek, low-slung profile and armless design keeps your focus squarely on the game at hand.

Modelled on the cocooning seats of a classic rally car, our retro armchair ditches the five-point harness in favour of hand-woven leather detailing and generous cushioning. The super-lightweight fibreglass frame adds strength without bulk, while the polished dark bronze base offers elegant, architectural detailing that's sure to beguile and distract even the wiliest opponent.


Rally armchair

For film screenings

Aviator Tomcat Chair

Buckle up for an evening of entertainment and ease in our Aviator Tomcat chair. We'll admit that, on first glance, this leather armchair's rather dynamic design isn't an obvious choice for our shortlist of lazy chairs. But on closer inspection you'll find that the Tomcat's dashing good looks and rugged charm turns heads every bit as much as any Hollywood lead.

Inspired by the seats of the U.S. Navy's iconic F-14 Tomcat, our chair's aerodynamic appearance is underscored by its curved aluminium cladding, which is in turn inspired by the WWII British Spitfire. Clad in bomber jacket-soft leather, the aviator chair's deep stitching and reclined back offer up blockbuster comfort, enabling your inner film critic to focus on every plot twist and turn.


For armchair commentators

Saddle Chair in Buck’dN Brok’n

Whatever your preferred sport, to fully commit to your team or athlete requires dedication, tenacity, drive and grit - in fact, much the same qualities that you'd actually need out there on the field. Ensure that you're always in full support with the Saddle Chair in Buck'dN Brok'n - our elegant tribute to all things sporting.

Inspired by a pair of vintage leather cowboy chaps that Tim picked up in Wyoming, this brown leather armchair will see you from the Six Nations, via the Ashes to the Grand National - all in our trademark comfort and style. Our signature Buck'dN Brok'n leather finish is reminiscent of a well-loved vintage football; its distressed leather surface bearing the scars of heroic victories and noble defeats, but always worn with a sportsmanlike poise and equanimity.


For broadening horizons

Scholar Chair

As its name suggests, our Scholar Chair celebrates lifelong learning, encouraging you to develop the habit of curling up with a good book whenever you have the time. The perfect perch from which to let the world slip away, this timeless design is as enduring as Dickens, as engaging as Kerouac and as comforting as Austen.

Inspired by the traditional leather wingback chairs found in British universities, the Scholar armchair's curved profile is complemented by its gently splayed wooden legs. Available in a range of fabric and leathers, all of which are hand-finished with brass studs, this modern take on a classic lazy chair is certainly no slouch when it comes to its own academic style.


For more help choosing your perfect lazy chair or armchair contact your closest Timothy Oulton gallery for expert advice from our ambassadors.