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Bluemoon Marble

Bluemoon marble is distinctive for its earthy layers of deep browns, greys, blues and greens that run right the way through the stone. Marble is an entirely natural material, no two slabs will ever look the same, and the colours will also change under different light sources. Our Bluemoon marble tabletops are lovingly hand-distressed for a rugged aesthetic and make the whole table feel like a well-worn, aged piece. We sand the stone, chisel it, and then finally polish it to create a wonderfully tactile, pitted effect on the surface of the tabletop.


Playing with texture and contrast, the black marble and white marble tops feature hand-chiselled vertical lines along the entire peripheral edge. The Bluemoon tabletop does not feature this detail. Simple tools are used to chip the edge in places to further create the look of an age-old table, complementing the rugged reclaimed timber base.