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13 Jun. 2018 - General

If James Bond Had a Man Cave

Your mission: to scour the earth for the perfect Father’s Day gift, something sleek, suave, and sophisticated. A bold, ballsy gift that speaks to his inner James Bond – refined yet rugged, measured yet daring, traditional – but with a rebellious streak.

21 May. 2018 - Events

16 Interior Designers Play Guess the Sofa

Interior designers live, breathe, and bleed style, so it’s always exciting to show our latest collections to a small crowd and feel the heart rates rise and the energy start pumping around the room.

27 Apr. 2018 - General

Smoke & Mirrors

Plato philosophised “Whatever deceives men seems to produce a magical enchantment.”. The Inception mirror’s illusion of infinite lights has that captivating magical quality, exciting the eye and getting the heart racing.

27 Apr. 2018 - Events

A Ballerina, a Footballer and a Doctor Walk into a Bar…

The bar in question was the Blue Room at the Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC), an iconic institution which once entertained the likes of Walt Disney and Clark Gable. The occasion? A chance to get together with our customers to share the pleasures of a beautiful meal.

27 Apr. 2018 - Creative Collaborations

The Perfect Listening Lounge

Imagine hanging out with friends at one of New York’s coolest townhouses, lounging on the sofa and listening to music, catching a movie…and then imagine amplifying this experience to the most insanely comfortable sofa, the most inspiring visual backdrop, the most intensely exquisite audio experience.

16 Apr. 2018 - General

Introducing Noble Souls

A New Concept Rooted in Sensory Joy, Natural Materials and Ancient Craftsmanship Welcome to a realm of reconnection. Noble Souls is based on a simple idea: that today’s real luxuries are moments, not things; when we feel ourselves truly alive, and when we deeply reconnect with one another.

27 Mar. 2018 - Events

A Great Night In With Veuve Clicquot

Corks popped, glasses clinked, and bubbles fizzed ceremoniously as we toasted a great night in at the New York gallery with a special champagne tasting of Veuve Clicquot’s hand selected grand crus.

15 Mar. 2018 - General

Rare Arrives in London

Addressing a growing demand for iconic, rarefied statements, Tim Oulton and his eldest son Oliver have made it their mission to rewrite the antiques rulebook.

26 Feb. 2018 - General

Introducing Hestia

Senses swirl at the Hestia Dining table, which adds a heady sense of occasion to every mealtime. Like a piece of abstract art, each one is completely unique, entwining a jigsaw of rich, black marble pieces with golden veins of liquid brass.

22 Feb. 2018 - General

Unveiling the 2018 Collection
Cultivated by Hand

It’s arrived! The 2018 Collection has launched, showcasing a unique range of daring designs to get the heart racing. Once again pushing the boundaries, the new collection features innovative pieces handmade over countless hours using simple tools and beautiful materials.

22 Feb. 2018 - General

An Old Classic Catapults Into 21st Century Glam

Newly available on the Westminster Button sofa, Timothy Oulton’s Faded and Degraded velvet collection takes inspiring vintage motifs and collides them with bold abstract patterns in four wildly imaginative finishes: Persia in Decline, Melting Paisley, Peat Smudge and Peeling Ceiling.

22 Feb. 2018 - General

The Floating Lantern

Concealed behind the industrial doors of a repurposed factory building in the heart of China’s Pearl Delta, a camera shutter and a Chinese lantern collide mid-air to create a unique private office in the latest project from Timothy Oulton Studio.

9 Feb. 2018 - General

The Scent of Romance

Rekindle an old flame this Valentine’s Day with Timothy Oulton’s sensuous scented candles. Light is magical, fire is primal, and a candle’s soft glow and dancing flicker infuses any space with romance.

8 Feb. 2018 - General

Why does Tim have 200 Lighters?

Treasure hunter Tim Oulton is by his own admission a hoarder, with many Timothy Oulton furniture designs inspired by original antiques he’s collected over the years.

18 Jan. 2018 - Events

Soul to Seoul

It was a crisp, cold winter evening as the sun went down over Seoul, but things were about to heat up, as we celebrated the grand opening launch party of Timothy Oulton’s first gallery in Korea.

15 Jan. 2018 - General

Creative Sparkle

With a passion for creating sparkle and glow, lighting designer and engineer Jane Huang has collaborated with Tim on some of the more complex designs in the Timothy Oulton collection.

12 Jan. 2018 - General

1880 Launches

Timothy Oulton Studio showcases its largest project to date: 1880, the modern antidote to the typical members’ club. Overlooking Robertson Quay in Singapore, 1880 occupies the third floor of the building that also houses the InterContinental Hotel. The 22,000 sq ft club takes its name from the decade the quay was established.

21 Dec. 2017 - Events

A Discussion on Design

Connecting with and nurturing emerging talent in design is something very close to our heart at Timothy Oulton, so we were thrilled to collaborate with the American Society of Interior Designers for a recent panel discussion at the Orange County gallery.

20 Dec. 2017 - Events

A Clever Collaboration

The University of Oxford, the oldest learning institution in the world, has propelled its students to success far and wide across the globe. In San Francisco, the Timothy Oulton gallery was proud to recently host some distinguished members of The Oxford Alumni Northern California for its annual holiday mixer.

18 Dec. 2017 - Events

Distinguished Gentlemen

English philosopher John Locke said: “Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him.” Well we were certainly in good company when we hosted a Gentlemen’s Evening last week in London, with a group of fine city gents and lasses together with some of the capital’s most elegant lifestyle brands.