Every Timothy Oulton piece is made by hand, using time-honoured methods and simple tools. We insist on doing things in the most complex, labour intensive, tried and tested way, because it makes a difference. From raw beginnings, deliberate and beautifully handcrafted pieces are delivered, each with its own unique personality and soul.


Making of Mars Chair

The metal sheets are first cut to shape using a laser. A bending machine curves the metal, with a high degree of skill needed to ensure a similar curve every time. The pieces are welded together and then polished for several hours. The wooden frame is assembled by hand before the leather upholstery is fitted.

Hand tufting

Hand-tufting requires each button to be sewn individually to the sofa frame. Using an age-old skill, a needle and thread is used with absolute precision to ensure the buttons are securely attached in the correct position.


Our master craftsmen trace the template before sculpting begins. Respecting time honored techniques, the wood is slowly chipped away using a hammer and chisel to achieve a truly authentic look.

Metal Work

All our metal pieces go through a rigorous process of cutting, moulding, welding and polishing by our dedicated and experienced craftsmen.

Stud Application

Using the most basic of tools and traditional techniques, each pin and stud is individually and painstakingly applied by hand, from our trunks to our chairs and desks.